” My Valentine ” preValentine 36-days – every day poetry 63

My Valentine

 ♥  💘 ♥

She is wearing her hair loose & airy today

found its waves freely flying in the breeze that way

unlike her pony-tale or piggy-tales pulled tight and warn high on the back of the head

all while in the sassy wit instead of the cool calm and relaxed cat she typically is

even when her hair is pulled tight

in tails or in a bun

 ♥  💘 ♥

but we are still on our honey moon,

and for me – I have yet to meet her, greet her

and we all in smiles when I finally do

certainly I hope that enormously I shall please her

in whatever way she can think of

and in all of the ways she can’t

the ways that come solely from me being all of the man I am

 ♥  💘 ♥

if she gave me the second look

if I took well to that second look

if she gave me a chance in hell

if I mess it up

for that is where I currently am

if she gives me another chance in hell

for that is where I currently am

 ♥  💘 ♥

and like my fantasized superwoman

she could help change that

if only she held my hand

 ♥  💘 ♥

yes I am a MAN

a Marine as a matter of fact

and this my temperament when under attack

but not as U may thing

for I am all about civility

even between your blink

♥  💘 ♥

I am the one who will be there to your minds eye in different presentation stimulating the think

I am the man helping U to appreciate that typically taken for granted and often overlooked

I am U’r warmth in the cool breeze sneaking up on U in the afternoon (1329) @ Memorial Park early in January

I am the one who heard your frustration seeing deep into the real U that public did not see

Maybe they did a couple of times @ no embarrassment to me & my understanding of the human condition

I am a voice of reason openly receiving your voice of reason

And deeply embraced I am by your heart that is believing

I am the supplemental ideas to your dreams to fruition

I am to everything that U let me be, in all that I am, and all that U embrace, that I am to become

  ♥  💘 ♥

So in our path that we find

In the light that we shine

In knowing it is not just we

In civility we must be

But an entire world

People and too, all breathing creatures, all that falls from the heavens, giving to us &

 plants mountains and rivers

we not just takers but givers


My Valentine

ocean side flower at sunset

ocean side flower at sunset

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