” in my mind U r my Valentine ” preValentine 34 – every day poetry 65

” in my mind U r my Valentine ”

a fine time it is in my head

wishing my beheld to be my valentine instead

maybe we’ll just be friends


maybe i learn about U’r culture and maybe U learn about mine

maybe our cultures the same

less our gender differences

our country of origin


and how about an orange and again another question

to hear words spoken from U’r lips

about how it is that U will fly to Hawaii and sway U’r hips in grass skirts

o.k., that is enough of my flirt


i see there is no interest here and no time for dessert

i mean simply there is no interest in me,

though there is a whole library of seats and my area a dessert not the first dessert


i just wish to finally get an invite

i don’t know how to do the invite

where is all the love

is it just here for the asking

and what of the work


in my open mind to be committed or in a sense of time

to love the one U wish to be with

to remain alway


the love U are with all whom U interact with

and just some are special to receive a deeper

a different love



my valentine poem for today

i wrote another poem on the train yesterday night, not really a valentine poem, as i hope to keep all of them until the time of valentines day

attractant of male love

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