” intrigue and mystery ” preValentine 33 – every day poetry 65

” intrigue and mystery ”

– just off the top of my head –

from everything we’ve seen

and only half of it stated

from the one who has everything weighted

for their next play and gain

leaving U to the strain if U are in their way

and i was in their way

so steal boots weighed 350

to 10 feet beneath the dirt

was i in the eyes any cause of flirting with death 🆓

pounding my head to get the information out that is not there 🚭

U found this queer but not strange at all – ♒

and i straight as an arrow for motive of U’r crimes against me 🚯

still committing U’r crimes against me 8⃣ ➕ 7⃣ with and additional 2⃣ & 1⃣ / 2⃣

and this not to U my friends and strangers following the words i say as they drip on page to page

but the ones who stole away from me every day of life to this one i’m wanting to breath in

the one that i wish i could get my head on straight and find my love – one to help me find warmth in tomorrows sun

find time to finding U strung up in your vile path – not by my hand but U’r busy hands of destruction finally found U out in a public account

so then, i never again to have doubt and faith in a twisted mix of the lack of hope

but given for every day borrowed and now given back in full minus that which will never be returned

so all who want to embrace me in your loving helping arms

mine wide open receiving U’r embrace

receiving U’r love and embrace in this seen humbled face

to finally know how to face such grace and mercy

to know the mystery of my writings

to hold me in the pain that is not my own

but nonetheless – made to hold it

to be intrigued by my spirit held in the integrity of love parallel to truth

i can only hope this U choose in being mine Valentine

whether sharing love – in plutonic’s boast

or in the streams of water flowing in a lovers float

both to sail my boat


buy a box of cards and encourage 100 people to do the same please – all around the world – let me become the artist of Love Art in U’r world!!! thank U peace and love to U all

find U'r love found 12

find U’r love found 12

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