in memory of Aaron Swartz

in memory of Aaron Swartz 

i hope all to contact there local representatives to consider the draconian laws which destroy citizens unrightfully and unduly – these in our nation fueled with hype and agendized (a word i made up/coined for the sake of those falsely imprisoned and / or victimized by the)  legal systems

this is what i wrote as a personal note to my reps

in light of the suicide, or was it murder by psychological warfare – of this brilliant citizen – Aaron Swartz, i hope U to please – consider the way people , the citizenry are pursued in the United states, they should not be just a #, the facts and circumstances should be considered, not just these district attorneys – to be allowed to ANNIHILATE one of our Citizens with draconian uses of laws that are unrelated to the realities of the situation at hand

i am a U.S. Marine Corporal, with an Honorable Release, and know that our state and others falsely imprison people because they have an agenda – i implore you to consider this following statement – we are America, not just the privileged, powerful, and/or rich, we are all America!!!

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