kenneth james

β€œ sweetheart to many ”

yes,Β even to men,Β i am a sweetheart,Β especially before suffering trauma, this for over 10-years of hell – so not mine own, and the aftermath of another 5 years murdered

my embrace even more complete – back in them days – less street, from where those impoverished hands came, but my feet, they have taken me to places where thus yet, i can only dream, and my mouth, many years been silent, but always as with this entire soul, has spoken words to bring folks whole, as in homeostasis for individuals and the collective,

my mom, she says very soft spoken i am, and like my dad used to say – she calls me – very truthful, even though, she cannot love me – to the influence of others with less than love to share an disallow to be shared, still, i cared, gave all the love…

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