Gregory Gordon – shot to death – justified or not?

Being a United States Marine Veteran, and learning about deadly force, this was not at all justified as a deadly force situation!!! there were and are other ways for which the  vehicle could have been stopped and for Gregory Gordon to get the help he deserved , instead of a death sentence from Officers who need training!!! and no – i have no apologies, i have experience, and i have common sense.  Albeit, i am not saying that Officers are bad, there needs to be a different approach… as i explain below

this really blows, most likely our friend, this Service Member was likely having a ptsd, and the people writing this stupid report… saying that they feared for the officers lives…

that is because the reporters don’t know and don’t care that there is many approaches to address the situation, and that they are untrained and so they do not realize that the officers are not taking proper procedures not to destroy a life, but to stop the situation… 

in the United States, there are too many police officers using deadly force in my opinion, where it is not necessary… 

this man served to help protect our Nation, does he and any citizen who may be going through something… deserve to be murdered for having a break down… all i am saying, is that Police need to have training in psychological breakdowns, as well as maneuvers that preserve life, and only when they are in danger of death… not from there own stupidity… like … they could have put strips to make his tires flat etc to stop him…

how stupid is it to stand in front of the truck, even with a car in front of it, anybody with training knows this is his own stupidity and his willing to take a life … a person who was not toting a gun… he was going crazy, anybody who goes through what we go through knows this… 

there is better ways to handle these situations… i will train them myself if i need to

also, thank U Guy Warner, for having an interest – i got so overwhelmed so quickly in this article

Gregory Gordon – a good Man Serving our Nation, who needed help, now there are many who will miss U


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