“ some naked lust for life ” preValentine 27 – every day poetry 68

some naked lust for life

 ♡ 💝 ♡

life’s loving intimacy lent lust for breath

lust lust lust and more lust for life

lust for life – when I want to die

lust for life when there is no more try left in the hands and mind

even if a seemingly hopelessness situational desperateness wished to take me or you to no end

lust for life – may get us to think twice

  ♡ 💝 ♡

so wishing for the opulent things that I could never imagine having, yet I am imagining

imagining in my lust for life when it is death that deceives me all of the time

when it is my speaking of being a multimillionaire, with an estate, and an awesome bed behind every door of every room

never ever again having to pick up a broom, nor a dustpan especially after a crazied dense’d senced roommate in his pshycho cage of his own brain wishing to put on me the lack of evidence strained from his so called masters degree with no sense of logic nor research skills – to his vile craziness in overspill

  ♡ 💝 ♡

this atop of all of the hell that shall one day be streamed to hundreds of pages to the wishful ascertained minds to find how it is that i was victimized, that i was a prisoner of war… even if some cannot find to define what I was subjected to as war, when MIA for a decade plus with no hope of ever being alive again, no hope of protection, no hope of advocacy to come and get me… when nobody knows, nobody knew, less the few – and what could they do – nothing, not a damned thing, though they tried in a helpless hell slide to nowhere to ever hide… just die die die!!! Daily so i did, not that I wanted to – as those who conspire in the political games to wishing i did

  ♡ 💝 ♡

yes, so yes I try, in my lust for life, though I know not how to get it, not even the wrapped around my body of two loving arms – lovely in the eyes beholding and I beheld – it has been said I am handsome, it has been said, i am a catch, that i have qualities that are worth being sought, so paraphrased, so many in many a days to does it matter, matter of my youthful appearance, my energy never strung in the lap of a love to the depth of intimacy reserved for closed doors and the brazen who find opportunity on shores and places out of doors

  ♡ 💝 ♡

lusts with busts and pelvic thrusts and all that naturally say

I love you, I need you, I want to see you

naked yes naked

In the slow hands following contours of shaped curves swerved in body sway, dance and play, and melted wax from the candles dimly lightings the textures in room

Lust, yes I do, nothing wrong with it for wanting life that has been stolen away for too many years – yet if I could fix this brain

  ♡ 💝 ♡

fixed brain fixed – so i don’t get stuck in what I hope won’t be an eternity of poverty … all that was said, is said time and time again they say,

you are so talented, you have skills, at times I want to believe them… maybe it is – I just need a manager to mine the gold that was said that I am sitting on

this craft of my creativity, this passion of my seeing others and portraying them in their living and that which gives all the gift of life – be they breathing outside of the ghosted body, the fervor of nature in both plants and the human condition to be portrayed in the array of light that feeds it

  ♡ 💝 ♡

so for life I do, lust it’s true, be you part of the life I wish to have intertwined in this body in the try to find life for it too – then that is right – so help me to find it – help me to know who you are – if we are just two in the big world – the world of explore – our dreams growing upward in our heart beating mature – to say what it is we want in no hiding… no dividing, and no sorry if it is not right timing, or the chance taken for romance awakened was not all in the basket – though neither of us faking – our interest for one another

  ♡ 💝 ♡

Thursday, January 17, 2013 @ 20:14:37 – 20:52:29

hungry for love

hungry for love

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