lusting for life again? U too? we are common!

kenneth james

some naked lust for life

Β β™‘ πŸ’ β™‘

life’s loving intimacy lent lust for breath

lust lust lust and more lust for life

lust for life – when I want to die

lust for life when there is no more try left in the hands and mind

even if a seemingly hopelessness situational desperateness wished to take me or you to no end

lust for life – may get us to think twice

Β Β β™‘ πŸ’ β™‘

so wishing for the opulent things that I could never imagine having, yet I am imagining

imagining in my lust for life when it is death that deceives me all of the time

when it is my speaking of being a multimillionaire, with an estate, and an awesome bed behind every door of every room

never ever again having to pick up a broom, nor a dustpan especially after a crazied dense’d senced roommate…

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