Let His dream be Your dream as it is My dream – it is Our dream (Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.)

Let His dream be Your dream as it is My dream – it is Our dream

Happy Reverend Doctor Martine Luther King Jr Day

♥ 💔 💝 ♥

Not Happy Holiday

Not as you would think

The road to here was all but happy

But hard work, sacrifice, the swallowing of pride, and the humility of refusing to rightfully retaliate to unmerited hate

These sacrifices, these acts of bravery, these contributions to the dream – before the dream was voiced, it was eminent in spirit through many past and all who gave in present Dream time, and now we in this the future of THE DREAM

These motions to action Made, the inactions and actions to lives laid, all in the matter of how many lives saved – and to the interaction of all cultures/(“races”) that we have today  –  it was born here – so this could be a Happy Holiday

In the celebration to the end of Racism

A journey still we are on

A road that still has found no end

a memory back

we see millions of Africans loosing to the most extreme form of torment and torture

is there an accurate count to the lives lost to the greed for the creation of wealth to this nation – the beginning of the haves to have so much more – creating the degradation of worth to all who were poor – who were first and foremost – Africans who were stripped of everything – EVERYTHING!


we seen the rivers of blood it took to realize that all humans are created equal, not just the one’s with money using others for their profit – to find the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862


well, we seen the beginning of this, but not the actuality of it… we seen promised reparations in the failing of the promise, we seen an additional 100 years of slavery with out a so called master, we seen some make it, very few in comparison, and in 1962 (http://monroegallery.blogspot.com/2011/07/july-2-1962-civil-rights-act.html) we seen more writings to authorize a road closer to freedom, some pavement of the DREAM pressed by many souls 

and so today

in our celebration of the dream

we who are a bit wiser, we embrace that which many other cultures – outside of our own – has to offer, we hold hands with others that have different colors of skin, and from different nations, some of places we have never been, we have Black Children, and White Children playing together, then working together, and some to Marry one another, as well as all the other people of color ascriptions – many of us know as the Human Race


all the steps we take to get further down the road of this DREAM and all the steps still needed to find the end of the road to this DREAM, and a parking structure and what the community finally looks like

– welcome to the Love & Embrace of all peoples for who we are – and our contributions to a world of an ever growing Civility – we to all create a better place to live in our giving, receiving, and being the love we are!

As a child  I grew up in Toledo Ohio, the waves of the eclectic soul still experienced racist turbulence, and it was felt all the time.

The Greatest lesson my Dad ever taught me, was one which curtailed the leftover negativity – that which is racism – which has never yet been laid to rest

The lesson, my Dad told me, when somebody does something evil to you, you need to be sure to realize that a people did not do it to you, but that a person did it to you, so in turn he said, that if you hate someone for the evil they did, hate that person, and not the people (related to the evil done to you)

Yes, of course this is a paraphrase of what my Dad told me when I was just a child, maybe around 7 or 8. This I would say is the greatest lesson to date, that I have ever learned, though through many tragedies and some very sever victimization, I learned, not lessons, but the realities of human nature, and this lesson also helped me with that, so I never take out on others my frustration or anger – for the evil that other specific people have done to me.

This lesson also helped me to walk away from “race” riots that were forming at the high school I attended, it helped me not to get mad at innocent people – and to stay focused not so much on hate or revenge, but the human condition.

Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King – is my favorite person in the world – he did the most ever – in my view to contribute to a more civil world – and as I said, I am certain of all the others who contributed prior to his efforts, there were those who contributed during the time he contributed, and those of us now who contribute to this DREAM of civility – to end racism – so we partake.

here i give U – my speech, part of my partake – i finally was able to load this video on my youtube channel – which is kind of new, and i have hundreds more to do, ( can i get some help please? {Message me!} )

3 thoughts on “Let His dream be Your dream as it is My dream – it is Our dream (Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.)

  1. PS–I am going to challenge your dad’s philosophy to “only hate” the “evil person who did something to you” rather than “all the others who look like those people.”

    No. Sounds so reasonable but actually it is extremely dangerous. I believe Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not allow it to stand unchallenged. My hope is that people will read Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s sermon on “Loving Your Enemies” (see link below).


    Understand, I am not arguing for argument’s sake. I am a trauma survivor who has had to spend decades working through the issue of hatred. At this point in my life I stand with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus.

    I hope people will be inspired to read more of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s original sermons and accept his invitations to truly understand Jesus–all of Jesus, not just the easy aspects. That’s what he gave his life for–he was first and foremost a baptist preacher. He wanted people to walk WITH Jesus. To stand WITH Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the same place on the same bedrock of the same principle, turning towards the same Light, might mean moving in humility away from the position where we ourselves may currently stand. Otherwise, aren’t we really just standing on our own personal piece of turf and admiring him from a distance?


    • thank U Sayuri, i respect your encouragement – i do have many issues to struggle with – people who are continually being evil against me for no reason – but their own motives and plotting in mind
      i wish it was ended, but, … well it is not, and even if i use the word hate, and even if i say i hate a person who is evil, it does not mean i am doing evil to them – even if i think it, it is merely that i am wishing their evil no longer affect me, and that i can get peace outside the real of their evil ways – their false hatred that they attack me with… it is the same kind of false hatred that murdered our Civil rights leaders …
      well, i am saying, if i do say i hate anybody at all – there is too much evidence that i don’t hate them at all – but just wish their evil stop and be reversed. Sorry my friend if i don’t pass your challenge… i am naturally loving, and being victimized continuously without any cure to stop these people… all i do is try to stay far away from them… and try to mitigate the damage they create.

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