“ lover’s love ” preValentine 11 – every day poetry 74


love waits for nobody

it allows you to be passed on by

less you the diligent with persistence of the competition

when no competition allowed


love waits and is patient

when lovers finally embraced

in commitment to one another

strength it is in the resolve

of agreements they both make


love waits in the interpretation

of situations unravelled

of disparities and the fear in these

to see it all the way through

in nurturing it grew


love sleeps in the calm of its own peace

awakes from the repose in its grace

settles for nothing but that in its vision

continues to give – even in the face of adversity


love clings tenaciously to its nature

resilience built from years of natural practice

wether deciding to be consciously

or being what it is naturally

it is


love hugs you

bugs you

scrubs you

holds you

tells you

reminds you

finds you

prompts you


bothers you

out of complacency or self loathing habits

in hopes you can get out of them

in hopes i can get out of them


love is the anger of transgressions residing to understanding

though it may take years, or decades

it is there to give a hand or two with arms for you

reminding you that love and forgiveness does not mean acceptance

does not mean no seeking to make things right

with its blanket covering you and transgressors tight

so that incivility may not win in the plight of atrocities


love is the balance understanding all is not lovey dovey

love is to your self the most difficult – most typically

or is it just some of you and certainly me

this task the journeys path where when lights are out

we must always be certain to do our best to see

to learn to build feelers to recognize how it feels and breaths

for ourselves that when given to others

we not drowned in our own needs

but in the best of giving are we


love is the greatest of receivers

not focused in greed

but in realization that truly we need

that all must be given

both he and she



lover’s love

flower for today shot yesterday

flower for today shot yesterday

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