kenneth james

sorry, this is not a romantic poem, but one written long ago – well, not romantic in the sense of persons! but there is creativity, mystery, and action, with subjection, depravity, and infliction etc. all part of a romantic culture… yes? – go ahead, give it a read, share it – and help an artist from the bleed of dirt being chased on the day to day breath, all for the hope of life lived in the opulence for which it could and should – as it should have been decades ago!

07.39.42 – – 08.30.20 on 08 – 25 – 11

“ Delineated Creativity ”

Suns Rays disseminating molecule splitting heat

between the brain

and thoughts plains  to

blue skies in the pile

high from blind eyes

indiscriminately interpreting

to the impartial wave

never submitting their

thought and ideas

to slave trade in

puppet caves of


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