“ how i would Love ” Happy Valentine – every day poetry 78

to get U naked
as the days sun
drinks the sky
in all of the radiance
of U and i

too shy am i
to say all [of] this
[vocally verbalized eloquently]
on my mind

so i write and write and write

just to hope it is U
that i give it to
on this valentine

that it may be U too
that i get through to
finally my desperation
not so desperate in
a blind test to find
what it is that i see

is U and me in a sled
in the snow banked
caressed by glove fitted hands
that only last summer
lay in the sand
next to one another
frilled finding curves

time slowed way down
to the ecstatic mind
in free flow of sublime
min found years to be close cadence

to space jams in
a brand new cam
pics in the point and shoot
and a couple more paces in the scoot

from boots flung across the room
next to the broom
that never experienced
dust flow that vacuum suck
hard @ play we are
as the integrity of our work shows
in daily specials
of human kind to
an eternal mind’s soul of civility

not just read
but ascertain
media i take in and said to me
to the importance of character shown

in the growing we did
passing and chucking weeds
weeds that try to choke out and make bleed
mature love in the parallel to truth

only breaking to stomp out any of loves seeds
as to elevate platforms of greed
in the absences of altruistic beans
sprouting New flourishing stems
to keep down the frowns of vile negativity

trying to keep a good crop down

like my natural high in nourishing who else besides U and i this time


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