“ sexy sexi sexeee ” every day poetry 81

for this poem, please read it – and then tell me what sexy sexi sexeee means to you~!

sexy art 

here it is
said in the various ways one sees it
observations made by the beholder
and so what is sexy to U!!!
for the site
” when sexy! “
in the eye of the beholder
beheld the – sexy – sexi – sexeee –
whomever it was who moved apathy west
and stirred the tired of this and that to act
in attempts to sway
this beheld – that they may be the opened to curiosities’ intrigue
in the field of view – observations of personality too
the cool, the calm, the collective
enjoying the sunshine
and the fragrances the flowers give
enjoying the nature of others
and a giver to society
the giver to the noble causes –
and not high on nobility – snubbing their noses
habits one have – certain one’s break to it too
be they bad and not the thing to do
like – it is – smoking for me
or the nasty temperament to little one’s
elder one’s or others just having fun
sexy, not just in the walk, the way one fixes the hair
the cloths draped artistically to the body
in the character that approaches in crowded room
at the train station, or an University / (a college) campus too
an educated giving soul – just completes it all!!!
so first appearance may pass – but substance remains when all else fades away – keeping one to their sexy, their beauty – to the light of their character – when sexy!
sexy, sexi, sexeee

sexy, sexi, sexeee

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