depression flags U down – and me too

well – as a homeless Marine Veteran
trying to stay positive – disabilities getting me down
and nowhere seemingly to go when time is up

yesterday i think it was that i was seen by 50 different Nations besides the U.S.

i don’t really know how to get followers for this, and i contend, who would want to follow, i don’t even want to follow… follow up with the poetry i thought i would post daily…

seems like it may be about that time… time when darkness overlooks everything

a person desperate to live tries everything

so this is it… i guess there is no more to do nothing left…

no more hope to hope, no opportunities to go to any tomorrows with anything

i will likely always be oppressed, always have to be subjected to other losers trying too hard to bring me down … all the way down past the dirt,

i am afraid, i am afraid they will succeed!!!

i am a Marine, the victimization i was subjected to, i wonder how many would understand, i want to speak, but even if i do, would i get any help at all… any chance to live

even though i have always wanted to give to society

and i have given tremendously to society, not only with my service as a Marine, but after the Marines

i spent well over 10 years doing full time… philanthropical work… for free, putting all else above my self, that is what i did practically all the time i had on earth

just these past few years, i have learned through therapy , that it is not healthy!!! that i need to love myself. it is still difficult

why do i hate myself, and love everyone else – even the vile – no brained room-mate that i have been subjected to (and this is the least of the oppression and weird acts of evil i am subjected to.

i hate myself for not being able to stand up for myself, after becoming a Marine, i was a Christian for over 10 years (very zealot) i became apathetic when 4 people came against me… 4 satanic pigs, in the words of Christianity…

most Christians, i believe are apathetic, they say all this bullshit, forgive and forget… and what would Jesus do…

well i know one thing, people can’t seem to separate, and put into perspective what this Jesus did and the spirit of the love that he gave and – the example he gave to follow… for Christians…

i would say , i am blessed to know a few that are true Christians with their love, and it is awesome to know them…

nonetheless 3 of the satanic pigs that victimized me, which by the way does not stop, it never stops
they swear they are christian… i call them christian satanists… the other , a homophile who is vile and full of himself

one of these – allowed the three others to commit crimes in their name… and so, i am not allowed to live… not allowed to have life ever again, apparently, even though some of my closest friends, and some i have met on social media, they tried to resuscitate me…

i don’t know how close they have come… i only feel that the negativity that i face and then express, as generally, i am not negative… i am not negative… but the negativity that i am subjected to, nobody has been able to stop… i tried – gave it everything i could

i wanted to write a book about it – expose the crimes that were committed against me, i may never get the chance, i cannot even get a fucking minute of stability!!! this all due to the 4 that committed these crimes against me!!! those 4 and the others they recruited to commit crimes for them, and they … these other criminals were all too willing to do so…

i am sure not a damned bit of this is the least interesting, but is vague and taxing, taxing the mind, like it has taxed my soul for so long…

what can a man do,when his person has been murdered, and everything he tries to do to get his life back… it does not work- if i could – i would have written this book – do public speaking and share how a Marine Veteran was victimized by tyrannical despotic demagogues who allowed four people to conspire against me, murder me, and all of them too – in the act of these crimes did so

yes, i have been begging for someone to rescue me… begging for a super hero to rescue me, in the humility that i have not the power to do so for myself… a Marine… needing to be rescued…

i don’t know what will come of me… likely i will give everything up… likely i will not be permitted to live.. .

i don’t think i will tell you all what actually happened to me… not unless i could spill it all out in a book

i wrote 4 chapters so far… full of cussing out the pieces of shit who did me dirty – falsely accusing me of doing dirt… i never ever did, all i have ever done… all the time on this earth was to give to everybody.. and then i was allowed to be shit on, by those who were supposed to protect truth, who were supposed to protect the innocent… fuck…

i totally want to go the fuck off… tell you everything… does anybody really give a fuck , or would anybody want to know how a Marine Veteran with an Honorable Release, Good Conduct Medal etc. … how he was denied Democracy that he could have died for… by people covering up all kind of crimes that they committed and were willing to make me a scapegoat etc. for their crimes…

maybe all of this sounds extremely uninteresting… i know i need help in this… what i don’t know… is will it be too late… i mean too late… in that they will finally be able to murder me… put me under the dirt… when in actuality, compared to everyday of over 15 years, that would be welcome… why not if you can’t live!

i had 1600 words this freaking thing froze
maybe it is a sign not to post this… no just stupid assed technology freeze

so thank U to the over 1300 view in the us
and about 200 from other nations


OVER 15,600 i know there are many more Nations than just the 11 my new flag counter listed, … they only count the people that go on that specific page… so… wish i could find something better… that covers all my content on that site …

well, i do have friends… hopefully i will make it through this

but if you want to help me to write this very important book – all i need is 20,000 people to donate 20 dollars or more… to my go fund me site… i will also need forensics teams and journalists and people to help me write my book, but it will be good…

any takers… !???

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 9.09.56 PM

well, i have less than a month left at the homeless shelter and still nowhere to go… no, i don’t do drugs, no i don’t drink, yes i am a mild mannered man.. very civil…

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 8.02.32 PMScreen Shot 2013-02-27 at 7.19.28 PM


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