so i still have not gotten into this – to catch up

greetings my friends (earthlings, nature, and robots)

i am trying to get back to life. this is part of my journey… very arduous it is, after being extremely victimized – my person murdered by entities that have hidden in the church as Christians – but i refer to them as christian satanists – who still commit crimes against me – and have them sanctioned by the very people who are obligated to protect us.

i am not talking about my other Marines – family, who are full of integrity – and dedicated to principles of Democracy! Β  No, i am talking about civilians who have power and decided to use it corruptly in the other aspect of war that people are basically clueless to. it is not the peoples fault though for being clueless in these things, as it is made obscure by the powers.

these atrocities soon to be coming in the pages of a book – a book about a war that is less known, or not even on the map… as being a war… some people, they will view it very much as the war it is, and some people will have no time to give it the proper weight in order that balance be had, and some people, who were somehow on the other side, they will be silent or vocal adversaries – or opponents in the ignorance of their illogical take – their unsubstantiated views – and their heads in clouds of ignorance from whence the puppeteers hold taught the strings of agendized (my word)

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