” 3/30/13 ” every day poetry 86

in the significance of who U r on this day
who U have been from all the days before
and how it weighs on U
or sits very well – and looks good on U too
in the who U are becoming
and shall be from this day on
is it high in the twinkled stars
did i see U wince, in the observations of the horrific
did i see U wink, in the flirt of our souls the same
did i see U cry giant raindrops falling from the heavens
when observed U did the collective earth’s pain
including we the people
who wish to ever be on the path of civility
and so in the moment now
did i see U fully naked
in the most of all glorious heavenly body
surrounded and interacting with the purity of other heavenly bodies
nothing about the vulnerability
nothing about susceptibility
nothing about everything it is obviously about
but in the openness of the clearly seeing mind
glorious heavenly bodies in the state they are in
naturally doing all of what these bodies do
unabashedly going about their business of being a heavenly body
so – reached for the stars U did
so did i – and i am, and you are
still to this day – and from every day hence
dreaming big – in the fullest realm of fantasies fun
for life, and the pleasure of it
this ubiquitous pursuit of happiness
how rarely found in all quests
for those who get much less
who can’t get a leg up from all the holders of powers
but still, we shoot for the stars
walking past the lofty cars going the other directions
the good direction closer to the pursuit of happiness
so we make the happy with what we have
when we can make the happy with what we have
Marine Corporal's Turtle in Peace Paint

Marine Corporal’s Turtle in Peace Paint

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