” Ornament ” – every day poetry 50

kenneth james


” Ornament ”


so is the season of love
so is a gift for all
so is a colorful soul
so come to dull a void
i hope so in all of this noise
when negativity tries
to take the good boys
with cultural ascription
treating boys (male) and girls (female) all
as if they were just toys
but a different celebration give i to U
in the sincerity of soul share true with few
all that i know – small in the big pic
but for all met and not yet
this is the gift U get
i can’t afford to give it for free,
though next year – we shall see
idea man, this is who i am
and so – my gift to U
is who i am
artist – poet, U.S. Marine – shows this
and for the celebrations…

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