” Yesterday sadness, joy today what will happen tomorrow, Kenneth …? ” β—‰ πŸ’ β—‰ tonights poetry inspired by Alena Makarova-Levina β—‰ πŸ’ β—‰ every day poetry 90

Yesterday sadness, joy today what will happen tomorrow, Kenneth ..? inspired byΒ Alena Makarova-Levina‘s question


my friend, tomorrow holds a key that hopefully we can get to, a key inside the work of our hands, the key inside the expansion of our mind, the key within all of our circle, and the key within the spiritual links throughout the universeΒ 
if only we toΒ reach the tomorrows with our mind unclogged, our heart relaxed and not tense, and our arms open with our legs walking
there is a thief, rather many thieves of the key, sometimes lurking deep within ourselves, and sometimes on the surface of our person, many times for some of us, it is outside sources, be it poverty of no one persons faults and at times the fault of those in power with greed for their own seed, and other times, it is just the vile who plan on walking on us, anybody they can to reach the pinnacles of success!!!Β 
so, in hopes, we shall be ever vigilant of the road to success, should we reach it, that we, at all opportunity, open the gates for those of the same spirit, instead of shutting them tight

lab shot of an artist in contemplation

lab shot of an artist in contemplation – come and like my page, while i think of the next piece of art, the next poem, of we in this circle, and where we shall roam❣ ✌

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