” i Candie ” every day poetry 91

kenneth james

i Candie

⟱ ↯ ⟱

i candie

Taking all calls

i candie

Hanging on my walls

⟱ ↯ ⟱

i candie

With your face so radient

With your lips so lustrous

⟱ ↯ ⟱

i candy

With U’r hair pulled tight

And wit  on high

⟱ ↯ ⟱

i candie

I need U eye candie

With U’r satin hanging loosely

U’r breasts so happy

I want them

Want them

To be happy for me

⟱ ↯ ⟱

i candie

What is that you sell

With your flawless scrubbed skin

And U’r brows speaking

Why yes, yes, I hear you yes

⟱ ↯ ⟱

i candie

Yours are so intent

With undisrupted focus

Determination undisturbed

Not taken in the fullness

Of the voice on the other end

⟱ ↯ ⟱

i candie

Your money not well spent

i candie

I have longed to know just where U’ve went

i candie


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