” ascertainment needed ” ⤇Guantanamo⟽ – every day poetry 93

In relation to a captive from Guantanamo

As inspired from the – ODE TO THE SEA –             by Ibrahim Al Rubaish ( a captive at Guantanamo ) either ascertain facts and allegations or let the innocent go… all i am saying.

here is my writing in relation to this, but also as how i relate to it, and see relatable realities.

I too see a font could be power, but if only a soul other than mine, find in a read, the source in time, that actions done reverberate faster than the slow pace that has been eating away at my flesh, the innocence of a just man refreshed, … is he to be, or for that matter, is she to be

The ascertainable. This I relate to too, is it character from where a person has come, and where this person has been, and who they have been forever, if ever looked upon, besides that which U read that flowed from my pen

I’m about inked out… pages and pages did I write, until recently has anybody heard of my plight, I mean a few at a time, with seemingly no pin light let alone the spotlight that needs to find the slightest crack at the end of a tunnel, or some kind of sensor that will find the way in, a blast, oh dare I say, something, is it the words of righteous indignation that made the path into this abyss of no justice

In my fear to I rebel, in any way that this civil soul shall show, do I now and then and any chance in between, do I pick up my pen again, though just days ago, like the tears from my shaken body, did I say I have no more to pen, I have no tears to spend

Freakishly peering in at my hell, so not my hell, but guess who is in it, thick in it, deep in it, quickly do I spin – in the craziness of shit, your shit that I sit in, your filth that I am piled in, your depravity that I am said to be a monster in, and all is seen is the morphed shapes of your hideous practices, the greatest biggest monster to keep all mouths silent that none to know the retched attacks this soul did bear, in my innocence still do I appear.

Yes, you killed me, rendered me useless, as a ghost have I spoke, and as a ghost, until allowed to live again, have I spoken, and now as a ghost have I received reply – that my words eloquently spoken have reached your spirit, and recognized in you too that this injustice happens to more than just the few of we in our captivity in Guantanamo – but for your own system on wrecked shores does an agendized system too murder the innocent, not just one, but has it only been 100 and 1 since the inception of a judicial system – where the power, and elite could execute those who have no eloquence to speak, nor a tongue of a spoken language to challenge the angered mob which was brought on by a fire not my own… but those tiny whispers of that not ascertained, but come from lips unrestrained were lies that hung me high and out to dry

So my ghost cries, isn’t it time, isn’t time, to use logic and reason to captivate your mind, less to yours, or someone you know , to suffer a fate not my own

Let us act and act out civilly in education that we change the tide of barbaric practices practiced as we speak – check our judicial system nationally and internationally

5/7/13 1:06 PM

so today in our Veterans Writing Workshop hosted by Leloni, she read a poem from a Captive in Guantanamo. So i just hate to see the innocent suffer, so implore people to look him and others up, ascertain what U can about those held without charges, who could be imprisoned by an unjust system for life

not only could they be falsely imprisoned for life, or as it is said, wrongfully imprisoned.

i am not against keeping the Nation safe, i served our Nation Honorably, and i believe in the integrity of security, but we have top notch CIA, FBI and other forensics specialists who can ascertain as to weather or not somebody is a terrorist, maybe there is , like one of the Veterans said, a way to track those suspected, but better to have hard facts, and maybe this is a very difficult challenge, but we must take it – and not risk making innocent people suffer.

i create art for civility, and this picture below, will take U there, please like the page if U like the art, and be sure to help me celebrate my birthday by sharing it and asking others to share and like the page. Remember 8/29 – buy a box of cards – Happy Birthday, let us celebrate the freedom of the innocent, and the security of our nation.

Marine Corporal's Turtle in Peace Paint

Marine Corporal’s Turtle in Peace Paint

dare U to break the glass and live - as i am trying to

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