” fortune cookie ” every day poetry 95

today @ Wellness Works (actually tuesday)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 @ 12:23:50


I ate the whole cookie, and here is what it said, I mean after the reeling of my yahoo account being hacked, having absolutely no more contacts to contact about having it hacked, and … I hate having my friends getting messages supposedly from me, now I have to track down everyone I know who could possibly be duped by this shithead from Nigeria, and tell them not to send any money to them… talking about the 2000 $ loan that was requested of all … likely over a 1,000 contacts I had


When the cookie talks about my (your) ability for accomplishment will follow with success, and my #’s 02, 11, 25, 32, 41 , and 15, well, I do hope they are talking about the lottery, because I am still on skid row


And yes, I did put over 200 & 50 pieces of art on a web site, and yes, it was viewed by close to 20 thousand people in just over a year, and yes, I do have 94 poems on my everyday poetry blog, and I did serve my country honorably for my 3 year contract, almost dying for the democracy of all several times, though it was not the same kind of combat that one goes through in the sanctioned wars of our nation, but … what was it


That is another part of a book I have yet to write, and so, my accomplishments, are they few, I mean, I was a philanthropist from early ages of around maybe 8 or 9 or younger, when I spent my weed pulling $ and chalk board money on groceries – milk and fluffy Wonder Bread, the kind with the bad white starch, but so soft and tastes so good bread, even lack the nutrients and…


Maybe that was not an accomplishment at all, nor the giving until now, and the listening, and the encouraging, and what!!! ❗❗❗


None an accomplishment, and certainly not this as an accomplishment… so let us just hate everything and get it over with, less the person I am, just cannot do it, but I do hate a lot, I hate all this shit. And I should go out forever… I hate this shit I ‘m out


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