” Memorial Day ” @ Wellness Works in Glendale – and other events

this weekend, i went to three Memorial Events

honored Numerous Memories of those Brothers and Sisters in Service

those who gave all, and as our Sister Tracey Harris reminded us (@ wellness Works)

there are those who gave and came home, but without something ( that injuries took )

and those who have invisible injuries, there are too many of us who have them

there are too many that don’t know

there are too many that don’t want to be labeled – and so resist the official treatment for their difficulties that they do have

as stigma can at times, prevent a person from ensuing their career path, or it can deprive them of their rights that others have, and if they state they have such a disability, some of their rights can be taken.

i too know of some of this personally

i have many friends who help and Advocate Veterans, and some Veterans themselves Like  Aida Tapia and others, as well as Civilian friends many like Mary Lu Coughlin  ( https://www.facebook.com/Wellnessworks?fref=ts ) and others who too – help to see us to health

– Memorial Day❗ everybody takes it different ways, Celebration, and some are down, important thing is to Remember, so as to grow, so as to change, so as to celebrate – by Honoring those who are Honorable, who gave it all, So Democracy, Fairness, and all the work we still have to do to meet these Lofty Ideals – Let us walk toward that, toward civility, and on our way to a happy life, helping at least some others in their happy!!! it’s deeper than this – but U get the idea❗ yes?


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