” And now, another war to miss ” – everyday poetry 99

today @ Wellness Works Glendale, in our Veterans Writing Workshop led by Leloni, this is what i wrote – help yourself to a read, and have a nice day!Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 2.52.52 PM

And now another war to miss

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 @ 12:45:10

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

And now… another war to miss

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

I didn’t miss it at all

The stories, though my heart

It bled for those

It bleeds for those

Whose memories are horrors

Whose horrors are memories

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

To nightmarish in the wake or in the sleep never so deep

To the almost me too could have died in any of those times

To the guessing of what the hell and is it my time at this or that

To the god damned god damn what the fuck is this stuck in my head

To the fucking idiot shrinks if not all of them that don’t understand a fucking thing I just said

To the innocence lost in shrieking faces who did not wage war – and fathomed nothing but victimization,

To the faces of those who serve, are serving, have served – knowing not how the field plays out

 ⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

In their faces all of these unreal situations in never known before place

In their heads, all the these happenings that don’t sit right, happening again and again

In triggered situational and not understandable playing like a movie in projected time

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

I did not miss it at all, and neither did U

I am happy and so should U be

I am here and still have some of the same

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

No wartime, not a war time, yet I still lost some Marine family of mine

I was on post, night after night

220 Marines Lost their lives

some of them my Boot Camp buddies

I see myself on the post that night

I see the truck roaring up the road

And I am firing strategically to stop the truck

I see nobody but the truck bombers injured

Or maybe just we on the gate

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

The 220, they don’t hear the birds anymore

They don’t have any faces to kiss

They don’t have any good food to eat, nor anybody to miss

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

It is up to me, it is up to we who are here – to live the best that for their sacrifice, their gift, their giving of all to we who breath – we live to the fullest and give all we know to give, that … for me, civility be for all who breath

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉    ☑

U never missed war, but let us find the contributions for those who gave – all , or some who are home but never came home. 13:03:48

⁍ ◎ ⦿ ◉⁌    ☑

Photo on 6-25-13 at 2.51 PM

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