” c U in when we find justice – civil unrest until there is no civil unrest ” – everyday poetry 101

granted, this is more a writing, and it was in our Veterans Writing Work shop, and our in session writing was based on the teen that was murdered, taken way too young, as i see it, because the neighborhood watch refused to listen to dispatch when they told him not to pursue… and below – the moved!

It was 1992, I was in Salinas, a Born again Christian for about 5 years, I was at Church, it was calm, and civil, a place I loved to be at, with all my family I loved to be with. But my heart was extremely unrested, it was as chaotic as the times. In Los Angeles, the streets were rocking with strife, the buildings were on fire, stores were looted and burned to the ground, there was mayhem, lives were at stake, from the millions of ghosts who filled the souls of the unrested, the voice that still has not been heard.

So Saturday, we are at the same precipice of racism, between all the other monumental oversights of civil rights violations taking flight to the back pages and wasted to the hands of… it is not my problem, I need to make a dollar, and on to the next day as if the horror of the present had never happened.

So why does it take the rich and powerful, or the “right” person to make this or any statement, the statement that life is not precious, that the rights of those who had their lives stolen – NOT PRECIOUS!

To the extent of how we see and come together – to be as unsettled as those directly affected, to be as unsettled that incivility is in our back yard, at the house next door, or at our own house, or heaven forbid – within our own temple – until we want, wish and advocate for Civility for all, we really have no Civility at all!

Remember, these acts did not start yesterday, they started hundreds of years ago, the same kind of crimes being committed against a people who were brought here by force, by death/murdering millions of Africans manipulated for the wealth of this nation, specifically, the wealth of those who had wealth already who then took advantage of a savage and criminal mindset.

this same mindset is running racism in this nation –

My Nation is a democracy, the right to enjoy life, happiness, the pursuit thereof, Trayvon was robbed of this right!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 @ 13:00:09

Trayvon, if he seemed to be angered, his environment shrunken,

in the dissemination of hate, he was taken way too early and now too late

his killer alleges that he was just protecting the neighborhood

so unsafe because of the hoodied teen

no our teen to no longer see any dreams

why do U think the killer could not just go and walk on

and too i wished Trayvon would have just walked on

people who sometimes seem spooky

they really are sooty, scary, and up to thier own head

now another member of our world lies dead

we want justice, not to hang his killer high

not the fanaticism christianity in hanging him high

or was the chritianity the rule that makes no sense, the according to the law you can take a young mans life

i did not see a thing that went on

i don’t know if his killer scarred and injured himself to fall under the “law” of self defense

or if he really was injured by the teen he pursued.

i know they say Trayvon supposedly pursued him, i am more inclined to think, if anything, responded to him!

anyway, i shall never really know, but there are still some cases of injustice where there are facts that prove people are being treated unjustly, even that they are made to be victimized by the very factions supposed to exact justice.

i am an artist for civility


the skid row artist

kenneth james

skid row artist and the red line & find home out of skid row LA

red line & find home out of skid row LA

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