” The Longest Wave ” – everyday poetry 102

“The Longest Wave”

– inspired by Eric (truth as told by… – a reverberation of the eclectic Universal soul –

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 @ 12:35:44

✾ ✼ ✾

It was an air stream

Not only caressing my face

No it was burning my face

And infiltrating my cloths

To dry out the skin of my entire body

✾ ✼ ✾

It was a heat wave that consumed the will to breath

It was a heat wave that consumed the green from the plants

It was a heat wave that dried up shallow brooks, ponds, and streams

It was a heat wave that had the earth begging and pleading for rain

 ✾ ✼ ✾

I was crusty, hanging on with one hand

My hand on the withered oak that has seen it’s share of fire too

Had seen its seasons in its withered bark

But this season brought a scorch to all of it’s leaves

And there it was

There with me

Hand to branch in the wonder of the next moments

The wondering as to whether or not any tomorrows to come

 ✾ ✼ ✾

Here in this doubtful plain

Of life in the fullest of everyday strain

Gone from the body is pain

Was pain the answer to the ebb and flow

To the reasons for pushing on

And the where and when will we go

Unlike this numbed shock in an endless stair of the last moments

 ✾ ✼ ✾

Meanwhile during the torrential rain of the Hawaiian islands

The (Eric) Daring and (his) their crew

Of we shall do all and anything of what is great to do

They embrace the 27’ wave beckoning those dying to live

Live in the embrace of excitement

Or what the hell is there to live for

 ✾ ✼ ✾

This the opposite wave

Bringing the hope for life

The hope for adventure

Purpose and meaningfulness to the every common day

Is that of something great

Beyond great but awesome

Breath taking, and can’t get enough

A wave that chasing the perils of boredom away

The wave that saves a struggling soul

The wave that solutes all who passed, and all who is coming

The wave that brings to light the necessity for change

The wave now we’re on to the thoughts for tomorrow

The thoughts to drown the negativity

If that is possible

It will happen when submersed by this huge awesome wave

 ✾ ✼ ✾

Wave of death to all that needs to die

Like banana peals to replenish the soil of the crusted heat waved dirt

Like the negativity spikes spiraling an intelligent brain to desserts plains

Like the atrocities that have been shoved under the dessert rocks to never be turned

This wave of death bringing back to life all that deserves to live

 ✾ ✼ ✾

Like the dreams of the well intentioned souls

And the well intentions drenched in the humanity of the 27’ wave to bring civility to all

With the vigor and adrenalin pumped temples racing in the importance of life being precious

The wave

Once mastered

Smooth sailing in the ferocity and strength of it’s endless life

Bringing endless dreams, endless imagination, endless ideas for the questions yet unanswered

 ✾ ✼ ✾

The wave to get on, is this 27’ foot oceanic wave of possibilities – I want to go!


Wellness Works = writing workshop

Wellness Works = writing workshop – find me at my art page – look at my 8/29 blog – my dream of  sharing my art, and breaking out of poverty, skid row L.A.

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