” Plants People Poverty Pollution Penalties ” – everyday poetry 103

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 @ 12:56:24

Plants People Poverty Pollution Penalties

(  – p4 – another one – )

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@ the Veterans Writing Workshop, hosted by Wellness Works Glendale, and Led by LeLoni

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Plants for the essential breath that goes in and out of the lungs bringing the very basic of the essence of life to our person! I mean, even if one’s person was murdered over 15 or is it 18 years ago? Technicalities and semantics wringing in one’s head as to not bringing the antics of a playful soul trying to get born again and whole. Make no mistake about the being of born again – as it is solely about living again, which very much could parallel to the spiritual phraseology, the ideology of actually… well forget about it, for most being born again is not about being spiritual anyway, but a hiding place, or a place to make them feel good about themselves, or maybe some… who knows

⦿•∙◎●◉ ➢★◁

So plants, and the better air, the abstractions of beauty beheld while inhaling not just the clean air they give, but the occasions of fragrance that makes the endorphins sing, the Norepinephrine to allow one to know that they are more than just alive again. To be able to get to this place, where the air is clean, all the time, even to settle for most of the time, but optimal would then be all of the time.

But on to it man, to the people,

as briefly spoken about before

or is it that they are all on shore

– in a mind of civility – and even my own, to take a break from this victimization, to not be victimized any longer, and to go to where it is the place that I am – but outside of the brain where again and again, in the actions and inactions of people who trigger the very essence of mindlessness to the death and destruction of a Goddamned Saint, well perhaps it is people damned, yes it is people damned,

and unmerited in this situation, and how many other situations, perhaps U’r situation too, and well, so

people, the ones we love, and the ones we know not and the one’s we shall get to know, if we can get to that next breath lent to us by plants

⦿•∙◎●◉ ➢★◁

so the poverty is the determinant, poverty is the equalizer, no

poverty is the birth mark of oppression, maybe on the temple of some it may be laziness, apathy, or digressions from the better light of life

poverty – breaking up the house in the frustrations of what you get and what I get, and what they get, all versus the what one needs, I mean really needs, and is the need the shit someone is throwing away, instead of that which will propel U to the contributions that U are for all of society CIVIL

POLLUTION – then – it is the essence of all what we can’t get but what we need, and the greed that took from our hands that which we hand but can no longer hold because the ferocity has rendered us again useless

⦿•∙◎●◉ ➢★◁

So the penalties of where we have never been and can’t get to,

Go to the places of where we have the wealth of tomorrow ,

And the life gets sweeter in the every escape we can find, and every success that we can climb – for we, and individual souls escape the penalties that are not our own.


dare U to break the glass and live - as i am trying to

dare U to break the glass and live – as i am trying to –                                                            ◎❗◎PLEASE SHARE MY 8/29 BIRTHDAY WISH WITH THE WORLD 




red line & find home out of skid row LA

red line & find home out of skid row LA it is the hardest thing to become successful as an artist, so please consider me… i am a disabled Veteran, been homeless for years, and i am just sharing, and hoping to get a different lifestyle – U know, healthy food, good air, clean water and a place to live outside of uncertainty…      8/29 is my birthday, this pic goes to the link, please share with as many people all around the world, maybe a movie star / singer / politician who has influence ❗❓  peace and love my friends & fantasies and dreams of living❗

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