” Your Welcome America ” A Veterans response – everyday poetry 104

today, we Veterans in @ Wellness Works Glendale, spent some time in response to the thank you’s we get for serving. we come from many places, and our heads are in different places at different times, and likely, we are all mostly Civil and kind to our fellow/&/sister Americans. the following is one of my responses, and i was with 3 other Veterans and our fearless leader Leloni, a Veterans Advocate (for health and wellness).Stay tuned for links to the location where some Veteran friends will post, either here some time, and/or on Wellness webpage. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 @ 12:50:41

☯ ✈ ☯

U’r Welcome America

From where we have been, and what we have seen

To what U have envisioned in U’r minds as sweet dreams

☯ ✈ ☯

And the realities of the obvious, freedom is not so free

And we knew that, since the inception of the States,

And the thousands of years before, in the inception of slaves

☯ ✈ ☯

We in our minds, and the evidence spoken in history

It is yes, that we have come a long way

☯ ✈ ☯

The centuries of young men, and now more than ever women

We have put on our uniforms, be it dress, or khakis – for when the shit hits the fan

Or the worker bee activities who are waiting for a cool breeze to slow the heat and the sweat

From those who have seen combat – and in their eyes are the forever reminders of just how freedom is not free

☯ ✈ ☯

From those too who were up to die – if U will for all that we see is precious

In any scenario, the mortality rate much higher, and all our brothers and sisters who have too much pain in these memories, and never come back – too freedom is not free

And we know, it needs not to be a war zone for a Service Person to end up in the total loss, still for country, still for the ideals, the principles of democracy

☯ ✈ ☯

And so, freedom is not free, for this we agree, and we know that we have much more to do to secure the freedoms for this Nation, the big brother, overseeing other nations – before we finish or further the work needed to be done in our own Nation. And yes, there is nothing wrong with helping our Brother and Sister Countries, the knowledge that we are the Human Race, and how to make it so all can live comfortably and peaceably one with another! Needless to say, there is so much work yet to be done!

☯ ✈ ☯

So U are Welcome America

From those in Service, and those who as Veterans, who Continue to Serve

Your welcome America

It is our pleasure to be instruments of continued Civility, for our Brothers and Sisters, and a Nation growing in this kind temperament 13:10:27

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 2.27.48 PM

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