” conversation Burglars ” – everyday poetry 105

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 @ 12:28:22


burgled again

more than just a plain old sin

she was just talking to me – & – I was just talking to her

and then this snake just weaseled in

but I was just like cool, because he had no spin


burgled in tins

breaking all they find

until the little wealth of the little guys are thin

because conversations they overheard

was the fodder for these criminal turds

point to point plots

making all disturbed


conversation Burglars

whether breaking in

or taking that intellectual property

something they could never fathom

and down the street with it they go

to a brain more brilliant than they


to get paid in one way or another

laid out before they know it

in the good way

with their cancers lining crystal ashtrays

the remnants of what did not collaborate with their filthy souls

the sulfured idiots with no brain of their own

in mine or your homes


i mean it would be

should we have hired people to mine

if we knew how to mine

the gold of our brains

if opportunity knocked

and was not insane inanities

in never knowing how to take the brain-gold to the bank


mine is in the time of never once having the resources

to get the nuggets out there

I mean really really out there


U know

air waves and not just paper planes

television shots heard from the rooftops of skyscrapers in the fog

blown out whale blowholes

like the sound of trumpets

to the peaks of all the mountain tops

and all in the far and in-between


so scream I must

at all the life stolen from me

because credit is not given where due

and I and U have been burgled by more than a few

of seedy sideways bastards too brainless to live their own ideas

too greedy to walk below the precipice of integrity

even below the precipice would be much more integrity than they have ever had


so to the conversation burglars

be that U are just breaking in

or taking all the loot to the highest hoot

U r the pollution of a good brains flow!



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portraiture of voice Photo on 8-13-13 at 2.23 PM

portraiture of voice Photo on 8-13-13 at 2.23 PM
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