” White blank paper & the white blank soul ” – everyday poetry 107

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 @ 12:26:00                                                                                         Veterans Writers Workshop @ Wellness Works – Glendale – facilitated by LeLoni with a few of a Veterans today, this was our writing prompt – which is the title of this poem

 ⎘♡ ⎗

White blank paper & the white blank soul

⎘♡ ⎗

There it is

In the freshness of the morning sun

Rising to it’s crescendo of dispersed heat

Killing things and making the powerful weak

The powerful without the resources to save themselves from it

⎘♡ ⎗

So the suns rays on this blank white paper

And these words to hold U in the liquid pouring down your back

It is your own liquid

And for some

It turns the weak into the powerful

The shedding of pounds not needed

Leaner and more energy been born

 ⎘♡ ⎗

So this too written to the blank paper

The week joining the powerful

To finally switch sides

To even the playing field and bring balance

Balance to fill the paper with words

To fill the paper with color

To fill the paper with pictures

The progression of a time never standing still

Though some of us

Still standing still

 ⎘♡ ⎗

We walk on the clouds of the Cumulonimbus

Rolled white marshmellows and soft cotton pillows

Getting us all comfortable in the purity of who we really are

Of course, one has to give to the idea of trust

To allow these to hold us

To hold us to the blank white paper

Our blank white soul

 ⎘♡ ⎗

Being inked

Being painted and colored

Being written and narrated

Being edited to the new crazy energized design

Or the supine, calm and relaxed

The shaking of stress that test the very parameters of one’s kindness

The forces that intrude to take apart the very essence of one’s essence

The newness of all culminated goodness, the best of ingredients

Showing today on our white blank paper with our white blank soul

Now again colored, written, inked and painted whole

Art therapy, because U are a work of art!

⎘♡ ⎗


link to art 4 sale http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-kenneth-james.html

bad hair day 17 Photo on 9-3-13 at 12.48 PM, here i am all 
link to art 4 sale http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-kenneth-james.html  man it is hot today!

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