mr. & mrs. monster – everyday poetry 109

this is one of my dark poems, though recently written a few days ago

i believe many of us have monsters – constantly trying to attack

constantly believing their own lies and deception – their wins they have gained with corruption and evil deeds (we will just say that for now)

fortunately, i hope it is for all those oppressed, or attacked by the monsters, that all who are civil, those who are of true love, that they have support, and for those who may be your own monster, like those who may stalk their victims for whatever motives you have… surely to lead to more evil – while feigning christianity etc., we all know, some of the most self proclaimed christians are the biggest, the greatest monsters of them all

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

for all i wish balance, that brings peace, that brings truth to prevail, and this – surely a better world – from a civil soul… then true spirituality will take place of your feigned christianity or religion… religiosity (so this statement in general, as my wish for those who are already spiritual on the side of truth… as we are all spiritual… whether one follows a path (ascribed to religion) or not

peace and love, and enjoy the poem… share it with someone good or evil!!! as U wish!

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

 mr. & mrs. monster

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

14:30:16 on Tuesday, September 3, 2013

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

mr. & mrs. monster

sitting in the room

wondering if the light

will reveal them and how soon

soon to the greetings

will come questions that have never been answered

they have all been asked before

but the truth between the cracks in the floor

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

mr. & mrs. monster

you have hidden all of this time

you have killed many people

and crushed many dreams

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

mr. & mrs. monster

where will you go when your answers again defy common sense

when reasoning and logic pile much higher than that of your subscripted replies

to the how, the who and the whys

what will you do, when intelligence is used to pick apart your attacks and abuse

what then will you use as tools

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

mr. & mrs. monster

as your typical attacks

scaring people by hiding under beds

by telling the lies, until again U’r red

by beating people into submission

until bled they did, no more flush in the face

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

mr. & mrs. monster

there are your boxes they are awaiting

waiting… for your unchanging ways to be buried

the hurry of the separation happens one or 2 ways only

leave the lies in the capitulation to truth

truth you have hidden with treasures of love

truth that sets you free from that which you have hidden with lies

for over a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade …

truth that will allow the innocent to live again

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

mr. & mrs. monster

the second path, it easily awaits as well,

though you may fight to the day of no more breath nor light for life

the second path, taking it all with you to a miserable lie of life now to death and no more

the second path your eternal score, still will read the same…

your there either way

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

mr and mrs. monster 14:40:07

lies handed me truth's head

lies handed me truth’s head – the essence of this poem for me!

bad ass ride for democracy

bad ass ride for democracy

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 12.46.14 AM

everyone has evil coming against them, some more than others, this art is about that… it is about that… in the recondite sense, as evil comes from so many places.

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