Nuclear Plant – everyday poetry 110

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 @ 13:13:08

🏡 🏥 💒 🏨🚣✈🚁🚆🚕 🌇🏰🏭

Nuclear Plant

This is the photo I picked to write about

In the Veterans Writing Workshop, today there is only 2 of us Veterans…

Rick and i

Hope Adam, Erick, and Wes are fine, and Joe is off on the PCC campus

And our fearless leader – full of writing encouragement, and encouragement in general… to get back to life, from the monsters shore, to get far away from them, so that we have a land of peace with the regular angels, and some extra easy buttons, the planet I wish to live on… and now back to the

🏡 🏥 💒 🏨🚣✈🚁🚆🚕 🌇🏰🏭

The Nuclear plant

Waiting for the melt down

Waiting for the sounds that will never again happen

Waiting for the destruction to never again happen

Because of the fallout, the huge ominous plant just waiting to happen

Like it did in Japan, how many times now!!!


Three Mile Island

NRX , NRU, LOCA, in Canada

There is France, Germany, India, United Kingdom, and like a couple dozen in the United States costing hundreds of millions of dollars, & Candada

🏡 🏥 💒 🏨🚣✈🚁🚆🚕 🌇🏰🏭

Just waiting, waiting for the dump of the waste, because the dump of the waste … can there ever even be a safe place.

🏡 🏥 💒 🏨🚣✈🚁🚆🚕 🌇🏰🏭

What r we doing with these nuclear plants

Why are we investing money in these nuclear plants

Why even bother with these nuclear plants

🏡 🏥 💒 🏨🚣✈🚁🚆🚕 🌇🏰🏭

These monsters waiting to happen

These monsters that did happen

These monsters that will continue to happen

🏡 🏥 💒 🏨🚣✈🚁🚆🚕 🌇🏰🏭

If the voices do not awake to be sounded

Voices to be heard

🏡 🏥 💒 🏨🚣✈🚁🚆🚕 🌇🏰🏭

We have technological breakthroughs to justify their elimination

We have technological breakthroughs to come to justify more research for solar technological development

Will we still harvest this tragedy because of the money invested

Still harvest this energy because it is too hard to clean

Is it not time… to finally go grean


That embraces us back, that is incapable of being on the attack

Let us embrace the sensible, and get rid of the monster!


Marine Corporal's Turtle in Peace Paint

Marine Corporal’s Turtle in Peace Paint – because green energy is part of peace too!!!


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