Affordable health care & the shutting down of the GOV. – everyday poetry 112

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 @ 12:23:33

Affordable health care & the shutting down of the GOV.


I don’t know, my favorite politician is Congressman Adam Schiff , he is always asking his constituents what direction they want to go, he gives us polls etc. I am not a Republican, and I am not a Democrat, though I like much of the Democrat idealism, there is some Republican idealism I like as well, and there is much of the Green Party idealisms I like, and the tea – party, pass, totally out of touch with reality… as I believe many politicians to be on any side, there is not a real balance to the direction of our country, and having that as the only agenda, for the people by the people


So I mention Adam Schiff because he was the only one to come to one of my art show… it was a show at PCC, a PCC art show and not my own. I have only had a couple of those. And my health care… ssi Medicaid, or is it medicare… I think Medicaid, and a disabled Marine Corps Veteran, I get care at the VA mostly…, I mean for physical health care, though it may do me good to try to find an independent doctor too, as I do with my Psychologists and my Social Workers.


Like the car insurance industry, I believe that the necessity of that was a bit more pressing because of the uninsured and irresponsible drivers that had accidents. There was a heavy toll to having everything right. There was insurance gouging, and malpractices etc. I don’t know, the insurance thing, it is necessary


I believe it is one of the great things that President Barrack Obama is doing, he is following this Vision to ultimately save the Nation Billions of Dollars, if not Trillions in the long run. Sure, the Doctors, some of them may make less, as factory workers for the sick. That said, they still will make way more than most of us common folk per year. Who knows, they likely will make much more than what they used to make now that everyone has insurance and more people are getting treated. Hopefully the affordable health care initiative will make it, well, affordable.


Affordable health care, could mean preventative health measures, and thus less very expensive medical procedures. Not what the doctors want to hear, those that are just in it for the money…, I imagine there are plenty of those. And of course, there will always be the Hollywood industry of Cosmetic Surgery, that does not seem to be going anywhere, and those who get that, they will always pay top dollar for the best surgeries… most will anyway.


So, the idea is, don’t shut down the government, do your job! Talking, debating, researching, being in touch with the constituents, reading the concerns we have, this is all a part of the job. About 190,000 dollars per year. That is not too shabby , along with all the perks, and all the other benefits, and little side businesses etc. The 190k is just an average for the pay from the government. Talk about the welfare, it is then that these people get for life the rest of their life, this healthy pension.

"Etched Love" - show the Citizens Love and respect!!!

“Etched Love” – show the Citizens Love and respect!!!

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