“racism, definition please “ – everyday poetry 113

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 @ 12:51:45

like my poem, “alphabet, these words too, from my mind to the paper, they were mostly written in the 20 minute timed writings for the Tuesday Veteran Writing Workshop at Glendale Wellness Works – the Veteran Welcome Center! But some on the way back to skid row LA as well, on the train ride back. And some in the little Tokyo starbucks, where I shall drink a cup of hot chocolate with mint!!! So to say enjoy…


“racism, definition please “




take it to the dogs


there has to be a definition,

is it the one in the dictionary,

or like life, is it the one each of us ascribe to a word after the subjection of adverse experiences that we are put to.

Is your definition my definition and then is it universal as to how anyone, everyone sees it?

so there it is, everyone then is the key to this answer.

there is not just one typical answer.

So forward shall I go

with mine, which too may be yours, or a part of it

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

fodder for the otter to feed on,

or the dog,

and the dogged, in these faces, alike.

the faces of those affected, those infected, and the infecting

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

spike one

the parallel of the dog hell reminiscent of the prevalence of this young nation


the ties of isms run rampant,

just as they did right out in broad daylight with the approval,

the acceptance of the dominant insisting on superiority.

& today without power nor authority to any longer assert domination,

the whole class of ism gone underground and not so blatant

more the unwritten rules of an old school (in the bad way) tool kit.

o.k., perhaps not the entire class of ism

❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

And back to the dog, my pit bull, I have none, but would, could i

And could I,

a whole different writing,

suffice it said in the rule of family or pack we are

and the ferociousness of this beast,

you will find some as gentle and loving as

as any other dog that you find to be most gentle and loving

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

documentary still pounding in my head

dogs murdered by the hands of the frantic

the very puppeteers themselves with puppet masters from their mouths

unfounded rhetoric again toying to skirt the facts of the issue for…

 a loving world to have knowledge as the basis of addressing social dilemma, or challenge

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

hype & hysteria isolated cases in comparison with our entire family members the dog,

the pack and wherever you are in the pack,

documentary spilling raw facts that they are killing my family

dogs that are suspected or are pit bulls

you get an ultimatum to get rid of your dog, your family…,

to a person in another state, it is that or your family member, the dog is dead.

❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

For some, these that they talk about, as a race, the pit bull, not suitable to live because of what, the influences of their pack leaders

forced these members to fiercely fight to the death,

these in positions of power, gamble and do this for sport,

animals put up against one another,

used for gain and/or pleasure by who, the humans

❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

irresponsible people who adopt a dog into their family

no idea of what to do

no idea of the costs

like the absent parents

the parents who don’t teach

abusive parents – all running a parallel to the neglect and abuses said dogs

abusive pack leaders who leave their family unsupervised, with no set boundaries!!!

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

Sound familiar


taking as their possession,

that which is living, those who are like them, human

like them, but somehow different, shape color and ideals

another excuse to profit from ownership

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

This is a familiar practice not yet eliminated

Still for some 100 years in our very own borders…

and said, not yet eliminated…

in the way of 100 years of civil rights advocacy for the freedoms

rights to actually be experienced

rather than just being the words that come from the mouth of a Nations Leader

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

racism, definition please

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧


 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

take it to the dogs

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

and one told me by a very good friend

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

it is those who are in power who are racist,

my extrapolation is,

it is one who can decide to be prejudiced, discriminate,

assert decrees in their power so contrary to reality / truth, but enforce it with power nonetheless… because they have enough like minded people who will back them up,

or who call for such abuses to others in the first place.

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

So this is a combination of a definition,

taking from a friends definition, and adding to it.

I may add, when I was giving my presentation of “I am the master race” poem,

an extension of my love triumphant shows… , well, I told him, I have no power.

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

Typically this definition is one ascribed to white people

especially white males

and so I am very taken by this definition because many who dare to classify a person

have classified me as being this white male, to top it off, I like to be clean shaven

glabrous if U will.

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

I see my friend, Chomps’ definition as accurate though,

for whoever is a racist.

Granted, I am quick to say someone is a racist, and even call people racists.

Recently, a bus driver pulled over to pick me up,

stopped right in front of a garbage can, making it impossible for me to board the bus,

though I look normal with no disabilities,

I have a knee problem and heal problems etc. that cannot be seen.

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

even with no disabilities, come on,

a bus driver, he knows he has to pick up clients, he knows what is around

… to stop in front of a garbage can, he is saying something,

so I look at the bus driver, look at the garbage can,

and throw up the set!!! (my hands)

so, he slowly starts pulling away about 8 feet, …

I mean, then it is several more feet from the can, and then 16 feet,

thinking he is going to leave me, I bang on the bus. I board, upset,

as I have been through these kind of things before, with bus drivers leaving me.

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

Getting on, I am asking him now,

why were you taking off, why did you stop right in front of a garbage can,

He refused to answer me when my questions were specific about the behavior, then he said, I was just moving up,

I am like, yeah right, all you needed to do is move up 2 feet

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

what is wrong with you, are you a racist. I was pissed.

I seen it that he likely did it because of who I am, what I look like.

There was no explanation.

I called him in the next day, this was like # 20 or so that something like this happened.

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

racism, definition please

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧


❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

take it to the dogs

 ❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

A racist is anybody who does something derogatory against you,

to whatever degree, because of the color of your skin.

That is my definition summed up.

There are racists of every ethnicity, color and culture, this is my experience,

it is why I created the poem, “ I am the master race”

❡ ❦ ☙ ❧

Funny, a girl, Japanese and Mexican, I was really digging in a spinning class, we were talking and I told her I write poetry, and it was when I had just wrote that poem, and I told her… and before I told her or read it or anything, she said, I figured you would write something like that, it was a derogatory comment, not a compliment.


one should not enjoy anything about racism.

i worked a little longer on this writing… it is a small excerpt from all the examples that a definition could come from, from just me, a Polish Man, who since a child believed not in race, but the human race only, and cultures, and ethnicities

later, from the human race, and here is a pic you can look at, first shared with Dr. E., a good friend on his birthday

celebrate U

celebrate U

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