” This medicine will bring U heartache ” – everyday poetry 115

Today, with the Usual (we 4 Veterans and Wes who is a usual 5th Veteran) and Joe is missing as he is on Mid Term duty !!! if U will, and our fearless leader Leilani – and we all did some cool writing today, i picked, as did Wes, a Vietnam Veteran, the below title, other Veterans included all the titles (prompts) into their writing, and they may be published on the Wellness Works of Glendale in the future!!! i am looking forward to it, and hope U are too, i will be sure to share the links !!!


This medicine will bring U heartache


in the works art – what i did as art therapy just during writing class – so it is unfinished!!! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 @ 12:26:08

㊩ 😔 😄 😔 ㊩

because it is the medicine pest prescribed

bringing out all the best of all that has ever been factual

to much to bear for a soul gone so wrong in decisions

and never wanting ever to go there again

to that place, the place of all the damage, not including that to U

㊩ 😔 😄 😔 ㊩

because it would totally clear your mind, but the blockage is still in the way

tearing down more sensible solutions than what the heart can bear

destroying more homes in a past set of idiosyncrasies not yet contested in public

destroying your own home in a field of dreams harvested, but not tending to the enjoyment of the yield

can’t quite gather the equipment in the fullest toll of burnt bodies and crushed skulls that your earlier years still have buried in the soil

㊩ 😔 😄 😔 ㊩

because it brings great joy after the cleanse that you still cannot get to

introspection is a collection of inditements which veritably would incite your soul to cringe

and fringed on wrinkled paper of all the falsities spewed upon another person with no foundation

wondering when your feet will drop and burst through the floor, the every place U tread

treading on yourself as well is what gets you so sore as to stalk in a predacious manner

and is there any other manner for that matter

㊩ 😔 😄 😔 ㊩

yes, this medicine shall bring you heartache, the looking into your soul

a deep dose of introspection to make U most complete and all the more whole

the truth mirrored now in reflection, seeing U shake and cringe again

but this is just the first reaction to your cleansing

so the truth it really will set you free, and it is not the medicine

introspection is the medicine, and truth is all but one of the ingredients

㊩ 😔 😄 😔 ㊩

there are other ingredients, such as integrity to that truth

this we start out with, because, of course, one can do any of all ill tempered behaviors to avoid this

like bringing those who because of your aspersions has been laid to waste

and that is a painful set of circumstances to either rectify or continue in the ill begotten steps of treading

㊩ 😔 😄 😔 ㊩

another ingredient is the mirror twice daily or more as needed, to see how you feel

scared, shaken, in an unbelievable state with facial expressions to match

maybe you crawled out from the room with this mirror in place

hoping the other person would leave from the other way, but they were still there

㊩ 😔 😄 😔 ㊩

and the final ingredient is a cleanse of relief

from the steps taken in earnest with integrity working in almost complete strength

something that is going to take awhile to get used to when never before greeted and brought in

but then the mirror visits shall get easier

㊩ 😔 😄 😔 ㊩

alas, I am not hear to tell you, to encourage you or to guide you

I am just here, with all those on something or another

It is just there, for whenever an addict is ready for treatment

The medicine that brings you heartache will also bring you joy, ultimately joy!


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