” art me ” – everyday poetry 116

art me

art U

art everything that is special

art everyone U wish to influence

hoped to be with the influence of love

for it is all that can be in the raw sense of

all true depicted in your spectrum of color

artistic streams of rivers flowing

far from the chaos of U’r city woes

frolicking with the dirt and stone, grass and the trees small and grown

with U’r mind in calm subtle suggestions

of settle down now

– and –

do U know U’r way around now

to get out of town

and wipe away that frown

of your day still on the ground

and now U in full life rounds

like shots for everybody

of the rejuvenated you

(and this my off the cuff this day November 1st 2013 @ 20:34:23 and below my newest piece of art – i will post a link tomorrow i hope, on november 2nd

and below is my except from my art fan page, which i hope all will join me

kenneth james fan page… home of the skid row artist – please invite friends!



everybody has heard of the poor starving artist… poverty etc., well i am one such or the only artist like that – U know

i am the skid row artist, kenneth james, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran,

the art i have been making for years has been a result of therapy for trauma that i have suffered through… and hopefully am on the path to …, well, is there recovery, we shall see

there are ups and downs, and so this art… my therapists, they have encouraged me a bit more than a year ago… is when i finally headed their advice, to make my art public. This page and my other pages are a result.

so it is my fantasy that i will someway gain, a realistic goal is like 1000 by thanksgiving, but my goal, 100,000, say by December, then my fantasy of having 1,000,000 people buy a box of cards on Valentines Day

this is my out of skid row fantasy. Other artists have promoters, producers, PR, life coaches, etc.

when you are on skid row, all you have is you, and maybe the community, i hope to figure out how to do it all – to have the community join me, for an underdog story if you will – an artist on his journey to sharing all around the world,

eventually, when i gain stability, i am going to write a very personal book about Trauma, and the corrections… i hope to share, that can make society more civil than it is … we do need work here and there!!!

peace and love

2 thoughts on “” art me ” – everyday poetry 116

  1. Hi Kenneth. Thank you for sharing your poetry at Beyond Baroque. I feel privileged to hear it and to meet you. I really, really hope you write that book. It’s an amazing story, one that needs to be written and read.

    Peace and thanks again,

    • i love U’r encouragement Rebecca – thank U for support of encouragement!!! hope U liked visiting the site, and please feel free to share… !!! i am going to make a video = hopefully soon, of the piece i did on friday!!!

      please stay in touch!!! – if U like the page, it likes my Facebook fan page… and i have an art site http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-kenneth-james.html if U like this site, i believe it will give notices of my new posts, which i am about to do tonight!!!

      thank U again.

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