santa can U hear me – the skid row artist – a Marine Veteran – every day poetry 121

i did not transcribe the other poems that i wrote from the Veterans Writing Workshop yet, but i wanted to write a couple new ones, so i write a light piece before i write on a serious note – of an inspiration that will not soon be forgotten – as well he should not be at all!

santa can U hear me – the skid row artist – a Marine Veteran

this is the season of a spiritual gift

the realizing of all that one has received from that gift that is love

some who know it to be an exemplar named Jesus

some who just know it

and it matters not, but the receiving and thus the giving of the fullness that it is

and you brought commercials

now i know that ole Saint Nick

he was about making all kind of people merry, cheery, with bright red cherry cheeks in laughter, and gaiety

so pardon me, you need not, for you have long since gone and left an awesome legacy – really

and the Beatles, that swinging, hip and cool band of the 60’s said can’t buy me love

money can’t buy me love, well, that is a farse

i mean certainly, one can be plain, non pretentious and enjoy the simplest things of life

like the good character one is, and the very thoughtful person one is, and the creativity that bursts and bubbles and flourishes and blossoms from the mind, the heart the soul

and so we are to the matters of the holiday season

i too a creator of art

i have given and given, and shall give some more

i have watched the joys of this earth, like others, as it has slipped us by

and as others, i have partook, and wish to partake again

so in the interaction of actually sharing

i hope to continue to share my art through media,

and if you like it, it is linked where U could purchase it for a gift

for U, or for someone else you love

to beautify the house

to beautify the office

to help me display in a gallery, a museum, a store or a hotel etc.

allowing yourself, others, as well as myself

to receive the full sense of art – in the realm of therapy










of your own

or a collection of mine (in mind)

memories present

memories past

of people here and there and everywhere

seen and unseen

means not that we are still believing

in this little gift of love – picking up the ones we love

it's what's in the mind and a rose 4 U -clip-

Let me start out with a free download if you like my art site – so we can start to share more art!                                           “it’s what’s in the mind and a rose4 U

the pic is linked – click on it, and it goes to the website – you can also invite friends please

please go to this link here for a free download – leave a comment , like the pic and orothers etc.



Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 6.28.48 PM

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