Prayers from the devil – everyday poetry 123

The Veterans Writing Workshop @ The Veterans Welcome Center – of – Wellness Works did not meet for the last 2-weeks, but this is a poem i wrote awhile ago, and i am getting ready to transcribe some of the others, or create new work as we go –

this is not a great New Years poem in the way of being positive, but it is a great New Years poem in the way of addressing evil that oppresses the civil and loving, addressing those who choose to abuse-etc. [a] Veteran[s] who suffer from disabilities – honorable souls. this year, i hope to be prolific, in sharing art, and poetry, and changing the world, exposing the crimes of monsters who make scapegoats of their victims… are they war crimes, are they the powerful who can hold captive the MIA as POW’s – there is much to write about… is it political, and an agendized system of attack without any regard for the ideas of Democracy that Service Members fight to protect and keep secured… and bring up the importance of those not yet secured. so here is my first 2014 poem, enjoy, and share if you relate, let the voice begin to be heard for the first time… actually, mine was first really heard in Returning Soldiers Speak which was Hosted by Leilani Squire our writing coach for the Veterans of Wellness Works.

He and the minion

Talking, he says, they are not the enemy that “i think they are”

They who swallowed truth and realities

They who baked death at 450 in the broiler

They who poured water in the soup base to thin it down, way down

They who took the prag out of maticically (pragmatically)

They who took the magna away from anim[o]us (magnanimous)

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

The prayers gone to the tunnels of satan herself

Shuffling in slow dragging pace

Are the feet of those, never again, to see the light of day

For all were for her

Doing of course

Terminal deeds as if child’s play

In the clear skies of sun rise and every day

To a saint’s gratification that eternally they pay

In the realization, that their captor has no bar-b-que for them

Less they, on the rotisserie to burn again

For the voracious appetite and her speedy metabolism never in the millions of years to slow down

 🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

Not the enemy

Because the mouth says so

And actions rise with inactions to counter the sauntered beguiled rhetoric melting

Not the enemy because truth is not permitted to prevail

Nor to come close to take sail

capturing the winds of whaling voices

muffled by sounds of cries brought on by hype and deception of nothing relevant having been said

But all to gain in the benefits of feigned halos to their god

Hail , have you seen the christian Satanists wreaking havoc

No sleep nor rest do they take in the testing of loves eternal spirit

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

Again, and now on their hammocks smoked cigars in victory

Now since 15 years ago, or countless years, and counting their gain gotten by ill repute

Smoked in how the carcinogenic air wafts the waste of their pollution

laid to rest in sulfuric breath are their sayings in mysteries of second guess

as to the lack of integrity of motion to verbs

giving back life in the meaning that was easily taken from preciousness

by those not yet committed to the eternal fire

yet their works in the dedication to her, with her beelzeboul hairdo

do they continue in their incessant relentlessness,

and as of yet to see countered actions to bail the future restless flailing

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

i need not these prayers

nor accept any from the hands of [d]evils

never to have turned back from

their murderous ways

their crimes in the continuum

their deeds in the crafting of a scapegoat

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻


mine path never in this company

mine character, never of these traits – for the lack of quality!

mine hands in the kindred of spiritual hands of like minds

where actions found in air sublime

time consistent for eternities since mine

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

and their first breath in uniformity

for prayers are in guidance of what the spiritual know to follow

never for manipulation, the soothing of pain one has created for themselves because of their afflictions on others

only you in truth shall undo that undue – what can be undone – undo!

Undo from the hidden truth that you have swallowed

only to have falsities pave the ground you force[d] me to walk on

🔻🔺💔🔺 🔻

Saturday, August 31, 2013 @ 02:45:21 Sunday, September 1, 2013 @ 14:29:46 – 18:44:23 with a couple hours walk from the train to the bus 686 to Caltech, to Target – to Shupingy’s office, to eat a bowl of cereal and 2 kashi bars, all kashi with blueberries and 2% milk, now back to target. Monday, September 2, 2013 @ 10:11:01 10:42:20 a couple of reads and some edits – a rarity for the poetry written by these hands from this mind!

anguished scream

anguished scream – is a scream in place of a person who cannot make a sound, who is oppressed, who is held captive by the evil of others – out of their control
peace and love from the skid row artist
like the art page
invite others to like it
on Valentines, let us get a million people to buy a box of cards
the skid row artist shall not be on skid row any longer
and a book about him being victimized will be produced in his stability

lies handed me truth's head

lies handed me truth’s head

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