ghosts and the robot in China town – before the crowning of the horse – year of the horse – everyday poetry 124

China town – before the crowning of the horse – year of the horse


first, allow me to say, that i am almost done with my attribution to the year of the horse, i have maybe about 20 more hours, and it is done… now to find all that much more time to contribute to it and the other art… and get my art ready for the Museum of Veteran Art in Chicago – so here we go!


i see the falling stars, with their magical cosmic dust upon a place i love
a culture richly etched in thousands of years
a statuesque structure in the timeless standstill
and all the faces in gazes from below and up upon the hill


i see the stars                                                                                                              falling on these  (faces)                                                                                                              away from traces of the Sun                                                                                           that arose with all the morning glory


i see the ghosts of a tragic start
and people with no want of understanding
but appreciation in its due
too sitting on the morning dripping dew of many mornings
i watch them now waving in the its about time manner
still not enough curiosity, not enough appreciation
but education has taken us this far and further


i see the robot guarding the pleasantries
i see the creator like santa clause in inventions prior and to come
i see the robot in our minds as we are stunned
i see the play the robot brings to expanded mind of fun


another time to go to China town and for now i am done


peace and love from the skid row artist
U.S. Marine Corporal, kenneth james

ghosts and the robot in China Town

ghosts and the robot in China Town

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