Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. – “quicksands of ⓙⓤⓢⓣⓘⓒⓔ” – everyday poetry 125

Tuesday, i did not get to write for the timed writing, it turns out that in 2014, i am having the same difficulties with depression and PTSD, but the Veterans Writing Workshop is a great source of therapy for me, and is led by Leilani Squire, our fearless leader, and host of the Returning Soldiers speaks. Today, i finished my piece that My Veteran Brothers (and i am wishing that our Sister Veterans will soon to join us too) had already finished.

Prompt: quotes from Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King jr.’s speech ( i have a dream )



quicksands of ⓙⓤⓢⓣⓘⓒⓔ

did they take me too

to the depths of hell

where i found others

in eternal yells

where injustices

been born again and again

to christian sins and crimes

begin to never end

at least to this date

there is no sign☞

quicksands of ⓙⓤⓢⓣⓘⓒⓔ

like yesterday is today

people with power

and those with motive

still bringing this devil stray

to our every given moment

with hope at bay

quicksands of ⓙⓤⓢⓣⓘⓒⓔ

injustice is all the same

from one generation

to another degenerative playing (field)

for that is all it is

the destructions of life in lieu of preciousness

fulfilled the prophesies of ignorance

to the death of hope at all

quicksands of ⓙⓤⓢⓣⓘⓒⓔ

knows no intervention

to an unsteady foundation

so somebody, will you

please come and hold my hand

that i not, too, to sink so far

as to never have breath again

never have sight to vision

to see this dilemma in derision

so closer to the dream

is educated decision

quicksands of ⓙⓤⓢⓣⓘⓒⓔ

where do U still rear u’r sinking

to the thoughts of the stinking

the prejudices unmerited and keeping

the duplicitous double standards in judicial systems

washing civility from mothers’ wishes

and the fathers’

that broke their backs in

fair and reasoned exemplified standards

the fabricated reasons

keeping these from eating

eating the fruits

of all that we are dreaming


HERO - Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. -

HERO – Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. –

i have a dream, like my Favorite Person in the Whole World, Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. we still have a dream, and so we who do, are the same in the stream, the flow of that which is right, just and civil, just – as this Celebrated Hero who exemplified peace. True he is. It is my observation, as i know many others too have beheld, that Dr. King is the only person in our life time, i contend since Jesus, who has touched as many people for the rights of justice, the rights of Civil Rights for all, for humanity, for cultural appreciation etc.

these are the other phrases from his poem that i was thinking of using , but only used the one

must not be guilty of

rise to majestic nights

police brutality

our bodies fatigued with travel

veterans of creative suffering

i have a dream today

knowing that we will be free one day

peace and love my friends, from the skid row artist

and leaving U with a recent conversation on twitter, or a comment

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.02.21 PMmy latest comment to the innocent if U will, or naive if you will, who word there comments as if our National Hero is not worthy of a Date in time for celebration, i had to comment.

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