Change – Dear Mr. Tolstoy, some of us DO! – everyday poetry 126

Change – Dear Mr. Tolstoy, some of us DO!

my friends are always telling me not to take things literally

and that is all i tend to do – take most things literally

i notice first of all, you speak to the (males) ♂ ‘s – ㊚ ‘s of this world, instead of both the (females) ♀’s ㊛ ‘s and ♂ ‘s – ㊚ ‘s

this is the start of change, and to know when to address females first as a matter of courtesy or properness if U will.

maybe U believe it is only males who need to change, is that then sexist? ❗️ i only ask because i am not sure just how broad the definition extends itself if to lend it to this!!! 

and so for we himselves who are changing

who have been on this road of change for years

from the time of our first experiences that busted the mythical falsities that we were taught in a culture of closed mindedness

we have went from revelation to revelation of this and that proven untrue

we have went, like U, from epiphany one and two, and some of us a few – to having our souls shift to a way outside the box, the bible and those who taught its untruths, outside the rhetoric from whatever religion, out of the stereotypes of gender role assignments not applicable to any one role which is most of them. outside the trenches of radical feminism to the feminism of balance, the male dominance of oppression, suppression, and dominance, far away from the opulence of entitlement versus the earning of what we have – which is not explained in the being born of the wealth, power, and privilege that U came from ( to where i would be sure that U too would try to put me in “my place” – hopefully U’r epiphany dispelled that ) – , i have only seen a few from this culture who found change in themselves

so, yes, in general, agreed change of self is needed

maybe of most of this and that and other Nations

maybe there are more of us in the middle of change than what U think

maybe it is indeed inspired in part by your writings that we are amidst change at all

for U’r influence of Mahatma Gandhi who then influenced the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – my favorite person in the world who made change, so thank both of U i do, for your ever changing soul toward the roads to civility!

i am not that learned, in that i have never yet read your novels… perhaps one day i shall, i am sure there are words of wisdom and words to live by… fact is, there is a mountain of books i would love to read… slow journey there! but maybe i am more learned by life and death experiences – and am ever growing, ever changing as i ascertain, another segment of truth that changes my soul, my take on life, my take on death, my take of the preciousness of life, and how it is supposed to be precious

so thank U for making me wonder, thank U for inspiring these reflections, thank Tolstoy for your contributions to Civility❗️

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