BREAKING NEWS, i’m a belieber… in the dumb shit – everyday poetry 127

i’m a belieber…  in the dumb shit

today in the Veteran Writing Workshop, there was just two of us Erick and our intern ( a Veteran helping Veterans) and our fearless leader Leilani, and we has several prompts for our 20 minute timed writing, can U guess what they were??? until next week or sooner, here it is:

01.14.14 @ 13:13:13

did it rate being news


there has to be entertainment

a breather from the

crooked politicians taking my soul to hell

at the breakfast table talking their shit

i mean shit


while i am holed up in the torment

not just in my mind

 but the every day reminders

of not being able to do a damned thing

without the hellish tirades bombing over head

that which keeps me oppressed

this, what who will say is an imaginary war

i all but have to write it down

so truth that i know

to can be found

the sound of the immediacy for change


and now to change the pace


we’re here at the Bebe’s house

the little town of Beibervile

with all sorts of beliebers all around

shouting, hoping, and wishing it is not true

… what, did he die,

oh NO, one screams

and another

settle down

their just looking for egging evidence


Egging Evidence, oh, say it is not so, all these police in their, just looking for egging evidence, nobody murdered our deeply philosphical, yes philosophical prince, how dare you say he is a fool


meanwhile, the prayers of the devil, they are buried so far under ground, that U can not hear a sound of them, but just seeing the evidence, oh wait a minute, nobody is looking for that evidence

the hoping and wishing that u are doing well, while the plan to murder U is in those private personal meetings, first conjured up in the devils head, with a plan so great as to take U to the fire himself, laughing and getting his jollies at his,


one more diabolical plan that took, with his schematics in place, and knowing full well what the crooked judges – those who make change… some for good, and others with the agenda’s that are other than the justice that they are to met out, the decisions for the betterment and upholding a society civil


oh, they bring it down, with their “christian” spew, when all along, it is down with me and you


like the murdered mentally ill man in fullerton, Kelly Thomas, as he call for his dad, he was just confused and mentally ill, not a criminal – and these, a whole team of high paid lawyers to do an o.j. presentation of innocence, as if the glove did not fit, and U did not see what was in the video, the Treyvon Martin case the man with the gun was told not to pursue the boy, and Rodney King case, surely he was not almost beaten to death, and there was all the reason in the world to beat him almost to death (for a routine traffic stop or whatever it was, he did not just murder someone, he


and so we don’t even yet get to the crookedness of racists – are they facists who are doing everything possible to make sure that a Black President does not succeed – the prayers from the devil they are too, like we are for the people. 133303

Photo on 7-1-13 at 8.29 PM

i don’t hate cops, the police, I myself have many Marine Brothers, and Veteran family on the force, i only know a couple of them personally, but know many who serve, continue to serve as Police,  they are necessary, they have a purpose, and not all are bad, not all are corrupt, but maybe all have seen corruption, abusive force, excessive force, etc. it don’t get reported, because it is family, the culture is very known by those in the know!!! So, i know that there are those who are abused and those who are justly treated according to the situation at hand. I myself, just recently in fact, was saved by the Police, and i have been abused by Police as well, i am not physically dead!!!

that said, when the defense said that they were just following protocol for the Kelly Thomas case, and many other cases where Police walk for what seems – or reads to us as abuse and crimes against a person who they are pursuing, then protocol needs a drastic change… NOW, and back as far as we can remember the first time we witnessed or viewed a questionable abuse case, or at worse, a murder case that was dismissed. Oh, so the breaking News stuff with the Police searching Justin Bieber’s house in a egging probe…. pranks versus crime… Nothing against Bieber, he is who he is… but the importance of bringing change for civility… that is what is at stake.

Like Marines, we also must remember, that Police Officers, many who do the street etc. they at times see some very horrendous crimes, they have to diffuse vile situations, and do things that no ordinary citizen would ever want to do, and many could not even think of doing what we hope the Police will do. It is wisest if we understand all sides, this is where change takes place, and that includes knowing and treating our Police as Citizens, as human, with the benefit of the doubt that they are on the force to serve and not go out and kill and kick ass… there are not too many people like that in general.


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