Prey Say Nay Way – everyday poetry 129

Prey Say Nay Way

@ the top of my lungs

did no more breath spill

on the cills where the trinkets

once stood & lay and some @ play

💜 💔 💜

25 – years been there no more

and floored who to do nothing

less to be adamantly animate & the interaction to the ears

train noise in poetry flow interruptis

make the mind trying for something to not be offended about

their ignorance

they’re blatantly blasting the elderly out

💜 💔 💜

and me

i like all music – less the bitches and hoes shit

the saggin of the panties

that some so-called pimps and ballers – some how think it is cool in their stink

but too, meddling

unsightly to the tone of disgust

💜 💔 💜

after the soothing conversation with Nel @ the Los Robles bus stop

we caught the 187 – initially the only 2 on the bus

i learned of her young beautiful mind

that there are traumas to the young

as there was with me – that birthed cynicisms

that none so young, sweet 19 – very sweet

natural beauty

no makeup on her art form was worn

just some jewelry

adorning the adorable

💜 💔 💜

she took me for a journey of a kind soul

i was going to ignore her at first

as i do most written to some street station


as typically i read the fear of others

but it seemed today

my all black appearance said ANGEL  to your fear

friendly to all but not always engaging interactions

but factions for my own fears

and cities of depression dwelling inside of me

 💜 💔 💜

i can’t seem to get home from the war seen

that nobody dreamed of being in anyway

and this – much easier to write than 10 years of front line times

in a supposed no War era

and somehow then – U r 2 blame for the victimization that you came from

and can never shake negativity from your freaking head

your fucked up head

💜 💔 💜

and a friend comes to speak 2 these thoughts too

she wears the same voice as that of many other voices in your circle

the hoped in hope to see you through to the day of the UN-DIEING

but – can’t say there won’t be anymore crying

& the way right in center flight 2nights U never thought U would b flying 4lights

and not of the afterlife

but in forward thinking

rather than getting hit with STEELE & BRICK shrapnel

for any buildings for you to live in – Dwell in, Blown to smithereens

 💜 💔 💜

whatever a smithereen is – besides the tiny broken pieces

can they possibly be put back together like the art form of R.I.P.

and the veritable musical melodies that hug this and that broken soul in the abstraction of recondite knowledge only ascertained by the dead

talking and interacting with you in the hope of the sustaining joy for living

that they MAY  have known once before

could have been a few times before

in their strength of the resilience to pains inflicted on them by others

and situations that none owned directly

less sparsely taken to themselves in a self loathing strain

pained this to the veins like needles in the rain

and man made thunder storms stomping the brain for self destruction

fixing pain in the NO-stop lane of the Super Duper Highway just speeding along

 💜 💔 💜

my apologies if in the abstract think

one could not get themselves to the sink for a drink

less the water is too filthy

should you then seek that which is imported

supported it is for the health of mental wealth to pull you through the wire tempered by fire of whatever hell it is that you’r seeing

believing also

i am not


what you or i have been through

but better not to stay as blue as the corpse that your ghost believes you to be

 💜 💔 💜

so breath and another step

and duck

and crawl

and roll

and up

this time they missed you

and grab my hand goddamned it

i’m in the thick of it too

and learned i did

to @ times navigate the jungles that your lost in

💜 💔 💜

and thinned out in the concreet jungle as well

when surrounded by a million faces

like my belief that i am so all ALONE  in it

i see it all

in your empty face

Until it was

that our words embraced

and our feet grabbed traction in friendly collaborations for another step on planet life

until it is

you can’t look twice

and i’m done with this

Now quiet like mice !

21:03:37 on 01.19.14

💜 💔 💜

train pain and then some

train pain and then some

started on the train back to L.A. from the Allen station after being bussed from the Sierra Madre Station where the train was broke down, and a walk to little Tokyo starbucks then to subway a foot long and 2 small drinks and a theird in the writing, and i have to piss and want to type this

until next time

signature here

oh, and not to forget the conversation with my Lab Partner Moniqi until her phone died – Dead y’all! 🙂 21:10:19

inked first – Prey Say Nay Way – friends for the light in the hope to hope – everyday poetry 129

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