“ Valentine & the Non ” – everyday poetry 132

For this poem, i start you out with some flowers, and in a soft voice i say, take a slow deep breath in, even if you have a Valentines or if you do not, feel your stomach expand and pause, holding your breath, then slowly exhale relaxing, do this a few times with the flowers! and then read if U will.



Valentine & the Non 

 💜 💔 💜

in the strictest sense of romance

for some

dissipated to the sky

like wanting for rain

and in pain of the lack of gain

so does the hair unravel and topple to the grounds that is my body

like the dirt that brought those roses to blossom

as the flowers that he’s been / she’s been

  💜 💔 💜

and are there any of the feline persuasion

to the tongues hung on the bottom wrungs (of a ladder) of apathy

enough to see one out of the mirror to the psycho logical reasons

or this voiceless treason of the heart being felt in its thumpety pumpety tha-dump tha-dump, tha-dumpety???

  💜 💔 💜

_____silence for a moment_____ did U hear that?

it skipped a beat when i beheld your beauty

as handsome as a duck i am,

or is this the reversed again?

i’m @ none for gain to my slained soul

in this show of hands and feet in the sand

  💜 💔 💜

could it be the hope of the beach where the cries of the desperate as U

them hiding in the glue of no clues is easier to see

 💜 💔 💜

and for desparity

if not driving one to the slab of no more

could it not be a coping mechanism to drive the mouth open with the steady flow of words

that seemed to fail U a million times before

but on this floor U are not muddled in the puddle of the inaudibly loud sobs made from the time and time again misses

whether they be miss or sir

  💜 💔 💜

could it be the dessert sand where there are no more hands to hold

the gold that U are

starving is how i am

in my thirst for U

my lust for U’r kind and gentle person (soul)

to spill enough into me

as the magical chemistry flows through electricity of brains stained with one another

 💜 💔 💜

in artistic renditions changing moment by moment in the turnstiles of bliss-no longer missed

but had

as the toes touch the grasses of failures that passes the winter chills

and asses wrapped neatly for anal retentive closeted pleasure seekers


don’t say anything about these hedonists in hiding

just binding their time for more interludes with U and the tools they used to get through to the other side

  💜 💔 💜

and alas

those happed in bliss

in the reciprocated time finds of investments not pined away for another day, month or year

but active starts to midnight hearts that are on all day

  💜 💔 💜

which one are U?

can U say?

2-13-14 @ 14:19:27

share flowers with some one U know

share flowers with some one U know or want to know

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