“ superman – forgotten abilities & distorted opinions ” – everyday poetry 134

today’s prompts are: sometimes we forget our forgotten abilities

i redistort their distorted opinion – dealing with the VA

3-4-14 @ 12:45:51

sitting here with 4 other Veterans and myself being a fifth

Veterans Writing Workshop taking twists and turns as our minds burn

with memories of the past and new ones too

and the stimulation of the questions from our fearless leader

Leilani speaks it into existence

something to do with our downplaying of the Nobel Piece prize winner’s poetry

very awesome poetry… we ponder, and spill truths on the table

ooops, some of it fell to the floor

all of it was heard , and available to grab some more

from different experiences we come

and different processes we use to interpret that which was orated

that which was orated now in our minds of experiences

different for all

different for the crawl of thoughts to sprints of lots had and not in the relationship to the writing

the culture then and now, and how much of our person, if any experiences any of the culture from the written ideas as if we see the pen moving fluently across the paper, and the thoughts streaming from the mind of the poet to the pen to the paper, and here it is now being reiterated to this page with the prompts from Harvey and Rick

was this then a forgotten ability – that sometimes i have forgotten because my hands not practicing what my mind was thinking and processing to the very screen U look at now

my practice of re-distorting the distortion of the VA’s denial and their process of taking forever to give help to the Veterans who need help. which to me means that i bring the reality to what was supposed but was not reality as being the reasons without reasoning of their denial of them helping me in the first place. so distorted i know, when recondite minds come to unwind the depth of lack of thought and reasoning that it took to deny me in the first place, because the realities of my service experiences were easily too shoved under the rug – for lack of hugs and appreciation of the true integrity given to the principles of our nation – that is Democracy for all – and who up for the fall if need be was too me!

so to my appreciation i say in my fall apart for this and the many days before today, and i don’t know if it will be a part of all the days before me

but i am here, today, i planned to be here earlier, in hopes to do my “homework” that i again did not do – the instability , negativity, depressive disorder lending itself to the chaos of PTSD or maybe it is the opposite, while i recognized – i indeed have seen all of the list that Adam read from the million Veteran survey that they were looking to find information today so that they can hopefully address the difficulties we have

we Veterans today, from those just back, coming back, and been back. i thank personally My Vietnam Veterans who have made the impact needed to give us a different outcome, a different response for the help that we need. Sure, it may still be dismissed, and more and more, it is recognized for what it is rather than dismissed.

i forgot my abilities to be superman

i don’t know if i ever had them

i forgot my abilities to be god

i don’t know if i ever had them

i forgot my abilities to be loving

i know i had these, and apparently they are being used much much less than ever before

perhaps it is in the wisdom that should i do so, i might make myself vulnerable to again be used, abused, and the murdering of my soul

did i forget this, or is mr. cynical again on point

the front lines of this war waged against me

and for some part of it, perhaps it is that the enemy is me

when it is me stuck in all this negativity

yes, speak i do for U and others the positive light rays of today and always

need to re-distort the distortions not only of the VA, but the vile demons not in my soul

surrounding me though they do – so i have to come with true

the writing style that brings once again smiles for the time that i never had and want again

the time that still eludes me to the memories and ever present stimuli that wants to take out my eyes

and me for trying to find a therapy, or therapies that work

and this, the writing, is one that happens week after week

we do this until we speak into existence – something that works if only for the moments that we meet and do this ! Veterans Writing Workshop

peace and love from me to thee – all


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