” last poet in russian roulette ” – everyday poetry 135

last poet in Russian Roulette

our latest poem from Wellness Works – Glendale, the Veterans Writing Workshop with 5 of us Veterans today – with a prompt from Harvey! and great guidance by our fearless leader Leilani

3:11:14 @ 12 44 44

lines were drawn

and the big guns where about to be blazing

words were gaunt and streaming from no lips

they were afraid of phraseologies slipping to the closest ear

and then the other writer, orator and singer of these tunes

no more, just disappeared until it was that they too could again gain the sustenance of creativity for share to bring them out of their turmoiled despair

clouds hung over the city streets that once used to be the old california ghost towns where i still live, and found my friends in the stains of strained hands that could no longer hold the countenance of their composure

so spilled they were in their frustrations that lingered on in head spin

riding on the trains, overcoats with long deep pockets, with mini journals and recording devices with the know how to use them, and background checks on their writing specks

and pens lining the pockets mostly, but once in awhile they are in the colors of shirts and tanks, and holster pockets on the side of cargo pants, just waiting and itching for a chance to write another memory, a quip, a little idea, and this and that romantic thought as if it were about to be shared with a darling of mine imagination again

so like gatling guns with barrels spun in serious tones or just plain fun,

did U see that ink run

i don’t think so, like words that wanted to be said face to face at the moment and in person they wrung out in the silence of the night for another day to avoid the fight with ignorance nocking on the door of the soul to try to put him or was it her – right tight in their arena of ignorance slamming them down to the ground of no more getting up again

but the real pen slinger, he & she are carful with their words, not letting them slip to the swine who has no spine nor the intellect to see society better than the last moment they once knew.

but this was not always the point in case

to avoid as they wish, or be peaceful as they wish, or bring the road to civility to be broader as they wish was just another practice for the strength of integrity to prevail like love with full wind in the sail

so some come with barrels blazing, and all of their negativity is what they use in their blazing, and the streets littered with glitter in a brilliant day of chatter no matter the weight of the conversation just had, they take all others down just as well as themselves

deprived of the day of good was also bad. how sad

i only in the imagination of life that could be had, strung away from the negativities that face me day after day so to rarely be glad

but a joyful heart i have had mostly in knowing that there is one thing that i have to give

not a fickle player of the ideas to this principle that can be applied to all one does like love in butterfly wings and bee stings to awake apathy in order to appreciate all the color in the first place that drips from its wings and decorates springs flowers with the next generation of fragrance for a more mild mannered collection of people not wrecked in the hopelessness of the doomsday prophesies of the word slingers mentioned above


so in this magical day, it is that you see them in their faces blushed with blood rush, as they begin to ink their paper

back to back they are, in a 30 minute count that seems to never stop for lack of flow of words to this computer screen – and … the paces are took, but not the last one standing in the typical way, but just to be there in the word spray

hey take that back, no slobber today, no blubbering idiots crying in their tea, not like me not like me but to see again for the first time it seems – maybe it will be different today

maybe there is hope for the rest of the world, maybe there is humanity in those who abused the animals not human, and those who abused the humans not animal, maybe just maybe there is a little better song to sing as written from the pen slingers of the day, the wordologists in phraseology that takes time away from the depravity of everyday situations to try to find just a glimmer of hope and sprinkle it with gel pen colors so that the design of the collective minds that have said the same things from different places – space near and far from this state to that state and another country thus far other nations are that which were drowned in the bars with the empathetic ear of tenders everywhere serving another drink to drown the frowns of minds not quite clear.

so, i am only one of many

love for those who gave to any

took from none and saved many

words they are come down like

a rainy day was it when they came out with both barrels blazing

my ink is black, and your ink is blue

but the words that we say, are still but a few.


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2 thoughts on “” last poet in russian roulette ” – everyday poetry 135

    • thanK U Sandy – i looked at the requirements, the only thing is, i am not OIF EOF era Vet, i know most believe i look like i am young (and i am if i am how i feel and look), but between us (who read this), i served in a much earlier time! Well, it precludes me from applying, and none of my art is War related, but is more dealing with trauma related… i was not in during “war” – but was almost killed several times etc. seen things etc. = most organizations don’t focus on “regular” Vets who may not have been to War, but may have suffered similar violence / experiences.

      i would love it if U could find people who would help find people who will like my pages and buy a box of cards on 8/29 – it would help out !! maybe i will find people who will sponsor me into art shows until i make it! ?

      is for those who want to buy cards

      and please encourage all to like these pages



      i appreciate al that U share with me Sandy, and i hope to find the time to create a personalized piece of art for U’r home!

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