” taking the hand of the devil ” – everyday poetry 137

” Violence ” – Harvey’s prompt

” taking the hand of the devil ” mine

12:31:41 on March 25th

taking the hand of the devil

is my vow to never do

i’m not the devil nor are you

it is those motherfuckers though over there


they were right next to me year after year

in their masqueraded violence

the saints with the halos on their heads

wishing the likeness of love to long be dead


taking the hand of the devil

long and sleek, mysterious and dark

no light and beautiful, dark and beautiful too

right there in the light, everywhere that U would think the devil not to be

she is there, and so is he, maybe the devil is a ladyboy or a tranny too


it was that my hand was in theirs for too many seasons

it was that my hand was betrayed by too many of their ways

it was that i could not see the cunningly connivances of sophisticated plays

the kind of plays that lay in the mindset that life is a game

and anyone not playing your game is a piece in the way

a piece to be destroyed at any cost


taking the hand of the devil

is it now for you and not for me

is it a game, a game that you think U can play

or maybe U like me don’t believe it is a game that they have U in


that was my problem, no longer being born to my original sin

but in the innocence of the realities of being born again

not a christian fruitcake, a nut, nor a freak

though i at one time, for a long time called myself a jesus freak

like the freaks known in the lyrics of DCT or DC talk

yes a zealot i was


relinquished to the spiritual path that i was always on but now denying all else in rhetoric

and taking on a spirit that is true to the form of the love that i am – i am made, and continually made to be in my hope and visions of not only what it is that i can be – but the legacy of a community in the essence of one spirit or another, i am hoping that the spirit of Civility to win.


and so i use this phrase of civility for the (fake) pious religious freak assed christians who have not a drop of blood of their christ to wash them, but the puppet strings of convenience with words spewed from their mouths to blanket the hypocritical christian satanists manipulating a religion to spew their hate – and other unrecognizable acts of violence to unwittingly souls going merrily on their way


taking the hand of the devil is not fate

it is not in the air

it could be the environment of where someone was born

different than fate

it could be that a person was brain washed

and brains too small that they could never turn out of the space they were subjected to

it could be that the manipulators are so sophisticated that they purposely starved the brain of anything other than the hate that then seemingly was fate to a devils hand shaken

so in breaths to anything new, anything contrary, anything that is relevant to the breath of life in the joy of living and to let live, the fate that was not fate will then have to fade

the mind strength would then lend itself to the realities of a one-sided personality was shaped by a one-sided frame of mind


so in the waters wading are the feet cooled and the head soothed to the beauty of other souls, not having to agree with them, but in no beguilement plotting against them while shaking their hands, while pretending to do them a favor in trivial ways – when in the same time – not giving a damned about them or worse, hoping the worse for them


taking the hand of the devil?

instead, bring yourself out of the straits of self hate

the path that too i am on

in a shining light that no longer sinks me to his hand

i mean, there is times that i cannot stand as well

i am self sabotaging – self deprecating but trying always to learn how to not take the hand of the devil



experiment with me

experiment with me – in the wide world of art – just let me know!

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