the price of love – everyday poetry 142

start 12:48:49 on 04/15/14

the price of love

i didn’t pay yet

but i still have a big tub of quarters in one of my tins

i know it will thin out nicely

if i could find spin doctors in the mind sweep of sweet potato pie in the ski for my being mesmerized into oblivion never to come back to the same track of thought processes that have gone black in the good way like a fine outline of rippage making shapes that hold one’s soul to the precipice of how do U do, and who are U today and when did U go through that …. again

the price of love

did U say it was free

well U can definitely give it away, this much is true, and U can receive servings of it in a day to day kind of way when U are so into the spirit world that none of the price gets clouded over your head, both or all parties involved are in the fullness of life for everyone and themselves instead of the just me kind of tic toc tic toc tic roc time rolling by too slowly because U are drained again kind of love

the price of love – is it ever free

if just for the price of a lesson in learning to be more so than U were just minutes before – before the light hit U in the eyes and epiphanies made U cry once more at the beauty, at the majesty of what has been missing for all these years that brought U’r feet to right here, feeling the vibrations of the earth being composed with the internally audible heartbeats for a collective of earths breath in everyones soul that is still with us now,

and the how of gorgeous rotting corpses that still manage to speak to us as if they never left – because that of their contributions remain so profound that there is not a day consciously nor unconsciously that it does not reflect in some part or much of U’r activities that U do in work and play

work and play, that covers everything, from the tiny little souls that are deep in their exploration phases for solid grounds that brings them to heavenly places when finding their own because of wise minded graces bestowed upon them, and they are waiting, some are for that very same environment

and those who were lost in these years to the tears of whatever it was that put them in the limelight of chaotic strife of their circles lives that were not lived because of damages done and not approached when the sun was still blazing hell in furnaces none could run away from.

the price of love

was too scared to pay

for there was no realization of any other outcome

than that which was recognized as to what was supposed to be love but did not feel right, did not seem right, never set right within , and just was not right at all when finally having the opportunity to observe that of love in different settings, from different people of different cultures, and not only those of a spiritual side, and not only those of a religious side, and not only those of an ethnic side, and not only those of a sexual orientation kind , and not that of the blind kind where U don’t look at a goddamned thing kind and think that just saying it means it true kind

the price of love was paid in full

and there is a check in your pocked and did U know

but it was a check that U never wanted, or cash, or diamonds and rubies or a car, or a that estate, was it all that one thought they could imagine, a life on an easier street that one thought was paved with good intentions, but never did they see any fine print that was laced into the paper with invisible ink that U would have had to observe for years before U knew that it was there… kind of contract. just sign on the dotted line that is love refined

so i piddle, and piddled i did, and this is just a bit what i find in

the price of love

fin 13:15:15

love triumphant strip

love triumphant strip


so today in the Veterans Writing Workshop, we had a very interesting conversation in our prompt suggestions section, you would have wanted to be here/there, eventually, we had all of our Veterans that ever came less our spiritual guide Wes but we had Eric, Rick, Terre, Harvey, myself, Adam, and Patrick all being mentored and helped by Leilani our fearless leader, so it has grown to 8 of us Veterans, and it is an interesting group. though it is big, and we would need another table if we had others join, but i hope that we do have at least a couple or few Women Veterans join the group… even though we would likely have to change the structure for the reading on maybe homework and/or the timed writing to every other week… i like it as it is, maybe the workshop would be longer once a month, or twice a month, that may be an option too, but it was very nice today – and i wrote from my own prompt which was one of many many prompts that i did not record them all and the great conversation that came with them. But, they are not lost, as Eric did the iconic poem in that his writing included each and every prompt ( i am pretty sure)



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