” River of Passion ” – everyday poetry 145

“River of Passion”

it is what we need
it is what we are
it is what we feel
and what we smell

like fragrances of life
roses in a garden
or by the mirrored pools of PCC
where i catch most of my rose fragrances
and where do U catch yours

and is that the same place that they were some 10 years ago
the fragrances of life
your dog
your cat
your family
your lover
your clean clothes
and your food
your art and your poetry

making a
river of passion
held in all the glory of the sun setting
tugging at the strength of the rivers flow
watching intently at wherever you go
scrolls of all the tales of souls told
of both young and of old
bidding goodnight

& awaiting tomorrows stories to be told

river of passion

river of passion



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