who dares – wins – everyday poetry 147

” who dares – wins ” – Eric’s prompt

May 2oth 2014 @ 12:47:01

i do dare

and i will dare tomorrow

i shall dare next week and next month too

i shall dare even when i am dead and under the dirt

for the truth shall be revealed

– – – – – – –

i put this dare on hold

dare to speak up

dare, like i did when a political prisoner, a prisoner of war, the war, THE WAR that people of power are allowed to make and wage against little me, Marine Corps, now a Veteran & MIA as i still am, and longing to be found

found, not in the sense of U see me, and i see U, and U speak and joke, and have intellectual conversations while we exchange ideas and platformed creativity to cities that we shall go, and some that we still do not know, and U take me/my ghost, sometimes too seriously, and other times not quite serious enough, but this is not punishment, but the list to the i dare to state what is on my mind, and what is on my plate, and all the dreams and fantasies to the life i just can’t wait

i don’t want to be in the dirt, and people finally to discover who i am, always have been, this calm and loving man, in touch with his male side – of laughing and loving people in public, and even sometimes showing the emotions of tears flow for the sorrow not bottled up for the trouble of others or self and just can’t seem to take it in that state of hopelessness but determined to find strength to win should there be any hope out there to be found, i hope to find it, for U, and or for me, with too many years of experience at seeing none at all if only for one very complex situation infused in the mire of muck for the lack of luck to get oneself out of the words captivated in the halls of no ascertainment whatsoever but given power to destroy nonetheless for boats sinking, that have never had the chance to sail

who dares – wins

a date with me, unsullied – U don’t want to know for just how many years, but U want to know that they want to be sullied, sullied, sullied – who dares – and who cares – 18 to 37 and the 4 past my age – if gaged in our souls attracted for ecstatic reactions culminated in the suns heat to hot we are for that spot in the sky and burning twice as long so it seems, and we woke up just tho think that we were all just in this little tiny dream, and scream again, did U hear me

who dares – wins

and i do, to share all the art that is my soul, and not me alone, and it is the eclectic – imbued in the colors of U melting in my brain, across my chest, merging and collecting in pools of depth and elasticity, like the hands reach for the entirety of who i really am, and who you really are, and dripping, and gushing, and flooding, and splashing, shooting, and squirted all over the walls, all over the furniture, all over the curtains, and the hardwood floors, and tracked into the forest, and the concrete jungle, and picked up and slathered on windows and trains carry we flooded with the very colorful textures in an everyday flight of creativity not slowing down as cheetahs pass us by, lending strength of inspirational bylines to protect the home of the wildlife that we all are

so designed in pink passioned, and with hints of red fervor for the day never to end, which is a drag when it seems there is no hope and no end, but this art keeps on step at a time… could i please have some room to run with the great ideas that statically have been held captive to these tiny steps indeed, with all the pushing me backwards with the 2 tons of greed for agendas other than that of love = truth with is the path to civility that i am

like U r too – who flow in the river of love

who dares – wins

so for all U’r dreams

where do we begin




i typically post my writings – be they poetry or prose – without editing, so if U get to read a first draft without any editing, i think U are lucky, some i never edit, but more so, i do intend to edit, this shall be one of them!


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