” Military Story #31 – Navy & the Philippine girl ” – everyday poetry 148

the prompt was from  Rick on 05.27.14 @122721 our fearless leader for the day was Eric – as Leilani was out – and i am only now posting this because we were preparing for the reading we did last night {june 5th] – which was wonderful, wish U were there. There will b others 2 come – we’ll keep U posted

” Military Story “

5 veterans, and a military story, it was slow diving in, something serious, something fun, and no other

I think I will write about other, but what


Capas Tarlac

infamously known as Bataan

was now about 10 years free of Vietnam fallout

the heat was the same, rainy seasons the same

the people were the same

NPA & Blue Shirts were the same, but less intense

The 2 women I knew on the base, one was a Navy Specialist who loved others who served, and her Philippine fiancé, she was very loving, I may have been the only one she did not love, not that she did not want to, but I was shy, but we loved each other as military family.

She was a young, intelligent, and a pretty 20 something, about 5.3 with short blonde hair, and lots of energy. She was also very kind and flirty, and always professional when on duty! What is her name… ?

Well, the other woman, she was a young woman of 16 maybe, and she made more of an impact on me. She was innocent, I believe she was at least, and she also had short hair, it was black, and we only talked a few times. She always wore shorts and a shirt tied at the bottom – and a hat, it looked kind of Chicago style, thin in the front and thick in the back. I don’t know what we talked about, maybe her dreams of school, and what her life was like – her name… it’s Marina


maybe i will visit this some more a different time… it was a very short time that we had to write. The 2 pieces that i read last night, one has never been published yet, and it won’t be published until it is a book, but i may read little excerpts from it from time to time…

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